Ways to Survive an EMP

A lightning storm

An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a unique kind of disaster to prepare for, and it can be frightening. Unlike other disasters, an EMP is one of the few where most people have little to physically fear from the blast. The problems come from the lack of electricity and your neighbors, not … Read more

Published Authors Who Won NaNoWriMo

A person holding a laptop and a cup of coffee

Every November, thousands of writers all over the world buckle down for the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) – an annual event that challenges aspiring writers to try and finish a 50,000-word novel in 30 days. It doesn’t expect the novels to be good and perfect; it’s an exercise in determination to … Read more

How a Kindle Is Better Than a Paper Book

How a Kindle Is Better Than a Paper Book

Everything is digital now, including books. You can have a library of books in the palm of your hand with an e-reader like Kindle. However, many book lovers still prefer the traditional paper option because they value the tactile sensation of a bound paper book. With a paper book, you can admire … Read more

Is Soft Magic Easier to Write?

An illustration of a fantasy book

Magic is an essential part of the fantasy genre. It’s the main element that distinguishes fantasy from its other fiction contemporaries and is a focal part of any fantasy setting. When building a fantasy world, the magic system you use will affect all other branches of the writing process. To accurately determine … Read more

5 of the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Writing

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Writing mistakes can make your message seem unprofessional, hard to follow, or downright impossible to read. However, by writing clearly, you sort your ideas properly and help your audience along the way! Unfortunately, even talented writers are often held back by common mistakes. Unfortunately, these are the nagging issues that seem to … Read more