Casino Bonuses: A Complete Guide for Newbies and Experienced Players

You’ve found an online casino and are presented with a bunch of deals you know nothing about. These are called casino bonuses. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to miss them with pretty much every online casino out there throwing them at you.

Is it okay to take them? Are they worth it? That’s what we’re here to answer today.

What is a casino bonus?

A casino bonus is basically an incentive that casinos utilize to bring in new clients or to reward loyalty among current clients. Casino bonuses can either be withdrawn from your account or can only be used and consumed. Either way, it’s technically free money, albeit may require terms and conditions.

Some bonus is offered so that you constantly gamble with your money. The good thing is that you get to keep it with the casino as long as you play with them. Bonuses are a very attractive lure to someone who is just starting out in the online casino game.

This creates a win situation for both the casino and the player. The casino can make players money, and the player can take that money and use it to play more games.

How it works

Obviously, for any online casino bonus to be worthwhile, it needs to be attractive enough to keep people playing, but still fair and reasonable for any player to accept. Casinos like Solarbet has a collection of bonuses for both newbies and experienced players.

All the players got to do is sign up for the bonus and follow its terms, conditions, and requirements. Normally, you need to be a member of the online casino to gain access to these casino bonuses.

If your bankroll won’t be able to keep up meeting the requirements when you sign up for the bonus, you might just end up getting a bad deal. While some of these online casino bonus offers can be useful, keep your eyes open for some shady offers.

How to determine if the casino is worth it

But how exactly can we tell if an online casino bonus is not shady or practically deceitful? Ever wondered how one could determine whether a bonus is really worth it? Here are some important factors you need to consider before signing up for the casino bonus.

Wagering requirement

When we talk about the wagering requirement, it refers to the number of times that the deposit must be done. Of course, this varies by the type of bonus and the casino websites themselves. Some wagering requirements would even set a specific amount requirement at the same time.

Game contributing percentage

This factor refers to the amount that each casino game counts towards the overall betting requirement. Similar to the wagering requirement, this also varies on the game involved, the bonus, and the casino site.

House edge

The house edge is the percentage of total wagers that casinos can collectively gain. Of course, games with a higher house edge means less for the players but there are lots of games that have a fair house edge.

Types of casino bonuses

Now let’s talk about the different types of casino bonuses. We’ve listed down some of the most common casino bonuses you may find online!

Deposit bonuses

It is a bonus that is credited to you when you make your first deposit. The reward for doing so may vary depending on the casino.

No-deposit bonus

It is a bonus that is given to players even without having to make any deposit. This bonus is considered to be one of the most difficult bonuses to cash out due to its often-difficult requirements.

Reload bonuses

You can think of it as a deposit bonus. Reload bonus is a bonus given to players for continuously topping up and depositing in their account, not just for the first time.

Free spins

It is a kind of bonus that is specifically offered for online slots players. The reward involves free credits or free spins where they can play slots for free.

Loyalty bonuses

This bonus is typically part of an online casino’s VIP or loyalty programs. Rewards such as gifts, free credits from simply becoming a loyal customer fall under this kind of bonus.

Why give casino bonuses?

The short answer to this question is for marketing purposes. While we can already end this guide on just that, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. Perhaps what’s fascinating about this question is its significance to both the players and the casinos.

But at the end of the day, it’s all about encouraging players to spend more. There are certainly lots of benefits to it and there’s nothing wrong to sign up for these kinds of bonuses. Just always keep an eye on each of their terms and conditions to enjoy them to the fullest.

Should an opportunity present itself, grab it and have fun!

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