The ‘Paul Is Dead’ Conspiracy Theory

Paul is Dead

Many interesting conspiracy theories have surrounded the world. From the mystery of UFOs to time travel to the death of famous personalities, many aspects arise that question the reality. Many conspiracy theorists spend years to figure out the answers to the conspiracy questions but evidently failed to do so. One such mystery … Read more

Harry Potter Conspiracy Theories

Hollywood has grown tremendously since 2000 with many great films being produced. Companies such as Walt Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros, and others have produced many science fiction films as well which got viral such as The Harry Potter movies. Being a major influence on the pop culture of the current era, the … Read more

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding 9/11

Ever since the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11, there has been a tremendous rise in suspicious and terrorist activities all over the world. Most recently, the world saw a major terrorist attack in New Zealand where an armed man took down more than 50 people by shooting them at … Read more

What Happened to the October 2019 Rapture?

The October 2019 rapture was a catastrophic event predicted by several conspiracy theorists, who said that a giant meteor would crash on Earth and cause the end of the world. While an asteroid was predicted by NASA to hit Earth on October 3, 2019, the space object eventually veered off-course and did … Read more

David Meade and His Predictions

Conspiracy theories are always hard to prove. One such individual by the name of David Meade is known to make predictions and present conspiracy theories regarding doomsday and Nibru destroying the earth in the spring of 2018. He had penned down a book called Planet X-The 2017 Arrival in which he states … Read more

Conspiracy Theories behind Fake Moon Landing

Moon landing by the American astronauts and NASA happened about 50 years ago. The event itself is significant enough to mark a date in the minds of the people and have a special place in the world’s history records. However, what has proved to be the biggest ignition to keep this event … Read more

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