Conspiracy Theories Surrounding 9/11

Ever since the attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11, there has been a tremendous rise in suspicious and terrorist activities all over the world. Most recently, the world saw a major terrorist attack in New Zealand where an armed man took down more than 50 people by shooting them at the Christchurch Mosque. Several conspiracy theories emerge after such terrorist attacks especially if there has been no evident explanation as to why a particular incident occurred. The case of the 9/11 attacks is pretty much the same with no unanimously agreed explanation. Aside from this interesting topic. we also provide here some tips on how and where can you undergo a reliable lie Detector Test.

What Were the 9/11 Attacks?

The September 11 Attacks happened in the year 2001 when a series of coordinated terrorist activities took place all over the US. Four planes were hijacked early in the morning out of which two crashed on the World Trade Centre which was one of the largest buildings on the planet at that time. One plane crashed into the North Tower while the other crashed onto the South Tower.

The two other planes were headed towards Washington. One of them was the American Airlines Flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon, the US Department of Defense. The other plane was headed to Washington DC but crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after it was found out that the passengers attacked the hijackers which led to an early crash.

The September 11 Attacks were one of the biggest known terrorist attacks which raised several questions on American security and special service agencies. The attacks led to a total number of fatalities around 3000 with more than 25,000 people injured. Washington was declared an emergency state. It is estimated that at least $10 billion was lost in infrastructure and property damage.

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The Aftermath of the 9/11 Attacks

New York and Washington were set in complete chaos. With the World Trade Centre going down, there was an immediate economic fall. Many people had lost their jobs while stock markets such as Wall Street were also heavily impacted.

Soon afterward when the 9/11 attacks occurred, the United States Forces were called up to assess the entire situation. The government started an in-depth investigation while other countries also helped in collaboration. It was alleged by the US that Al-Qaeda, a terrorist group based out of Afghanistan, was behind these attacks. This was made clear when the National Security Agency of the US intercepted communications from Al-Qaeda leaders. The same was further confirmed by German Intelligence. It was further made clear after a detailed investigation which led to the identification of the hijackers and their backgrounds.

Following the attacks, the US Government invaded Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban and their leader Osama bin Laden who were considered as the reason for these attacks. Up until 2004, no terrorist group claimed responsibility but Bin Laden did agree to be responsible for attacks in 2004. Bin Laden claimed that US Support of Israel, the Presence of US Troops in Saudi Arabia, and Sanctions against Iraq were motives behind the attacks. However, he was still free. In 2011, Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan.

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding 9/11

Even though it was initially alleged that Al-Qaeda was behind the terrorist attacks on 9/11, several conspiracy theories emerged later. These theories became very popular for being based on actual evidence and true figures. Many people proved that 9/11 was being portrayed in a different manner compared to what actually happened.

Inside Job

The most widely known conspiracy is that the plane crash did not cause the World Trade Centre to collapse down rather it was an inside job. Many experts proved with the videos of attacks that there were several controlled demolitions rather than structural failure due to plane crash towards the building. A plane crash was not as impactful that it would lead to an entire building falling while controlled demolitions at different levels would make much more sense.

There are several videos on Youtube that prove this claim. In many videos, it can be seen that there are explosions prior to the planes crashing to the building which makes no sense if this was considered an actual terrorist attack. It is alleged that the US government or other agencies could be involved in the attack rather than Al-Qaeda.


The loss of the World Trade Centre brought an economic downfall but on the other hand, some studies showed that it was all just a matter of gaining money. Insurance Companies such as Citigroup and Travelers Insurance had 45 times more volume of selling Insurance policies from many days prior to the attack.

It was also found out that many call trade options were being used with many of them being put at a lower level which suggested that the stock prices had to go down in the near future. Traders would earn over 5 million dollars in profit if the call options were in their favor. However, this was a relatively weaker conspiracy because it could not be proven with any kind of evidence. Nonetheless, the unusual trading did occur which can be considered as one of the many reasons for the attacks.


Pentagon was hit by a Rocket

Surprising but another widely known theory is that there was no airliner that crashed onto the Pentagon rather it was a controlled missile that got hit. It is also alleged that a commercial airliner was allowed to do this on purpose so that the US Government could advance interests in Iraq and Afghanistan. This would make up for an easy justification on why has the US advanced onto Afghanistan which is why they did this attack themselves.

What makes either of these a highly probable claim is that the security footage which you can check on Youtube does not clearly indicate whether it was a missile or an airplane. It is very shocking that the World Superpower was not able to have security cameras that could generate a clear image of the Pentagon which was one of the most sensitive places in the United States.

The White House was a Target

The fourth plane headed on to Washington while the first three had crashed some of the most important buildings in the US. There is a high chance that the fourth plane was to crash in the White House. However, this did not happen because of Passengers either gaining control from the hijackers or making it difficult for them to take down the plane till Washington. Right after the attacks took place, the US President was brought down to the bunker that existed in the basement of The White House.

Air Defense was not Active

How odd would you find it if we tell you that the Air Defense of the US was not as responsive as it could have been? It seems quite unusual that only 14 fighter jets were scrambled to look out for activities in 48 different states that were considered as a potential element of threat. It is claimed that the North American Aerospace Defense Command issued an order to scramble the fighters late.

What’s even more shocking is that the Defense Command was unable to find the hijacked planes. With state-of-the-art technology put to practice, it appeared unusual that the NORAD was not able to find these planes. It took more than an hour for the Fighter Jet to locate one of the missing planes.

Being late on purpose shows just one thing that there had been some form of government involvement in the orders and this still stands as a major conspiracy theory as to why these orders were delayed. It was also found out that the FAA only told a few minutes before the Pentagon attack that a particular plane had been missing.

Israel’s Involvement

Many Israeli agents are known to have been involved in these attacks. The most disturbing element was that some Israelis were making videos of the World Trade Centre and had very suspicious behavior. These Israelis appeared to be happy and had puzzling behaviors for the bystanders. The FBI arrested these 5 Israelis hours after the attack.

It was then found out that the van was owned by Urban moving, a company working for Israeli Intelligence Operations. Although the behavior was odd and the FBI had also considered Israel as a potential threat, the men were released later on the fact that behavioral evidence was not sufficient to press charges against them. However, it still stays as an odd factor that the conspiracy theorists claim could have become true.

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Terror attacks have increased all over the world after the incident of 9/11. On the other hand, 9/11 still remains a mystery as there are so many conspiracy theories making it quite difficult for the public to understand which one might be true and which one might not. We mentioned some of the top known ones above but there are many more conspiracies as well. Following the attacks, multiple memorial sites were set up all over the US to mark this day which raised several questions on the security of the US.

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