The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving EMP Attacks, Solar Flares and Grid Failures Kindle Edition by David Meade

Guide to Surviving EMP

When the lights go out for good, what will you do? EMPs destroy our electrical grid. All related electronic devices go into immediate failure mode. This affects transportation, food and water distribution and your safety and security. Do you know all of the background on what causes and constitutes a grid failure? You’re about the read the Ultimate EMP Survival Book. Knowledge is the key to survival.

This book explores every facet of prepping for survival against EMP attacks, solar flares and every other possibility. Let’s look at the contents:

The Solar Storm and the Nuclear EMP
The Pentagon Knows
The Imminent EMP Threat
The Killshot Scenario
Strategic Relocation
Emergency Survival Medicine
Geodesic Dome Homes
EMP Specifics
Nuclear vs. Natural EMPs
Super-EMP Weapons
The Carrington Event
The Nuclear EMP Attack
EMP Vulnerabilities
Emergency Foods and Water Purification

This is the most complete and current available guide you can find on these topics. The detail, analysis and solutions are highly creative and strategic. The book covers every topic in major detail, and tells you the keys to surviving this catastrophic event. The product of years of research, this book will prepare you for a life-changing event.

(Some audio/video links in this book are not viewable on certain Kindle devices)

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