How to make an attractive blog content with quality and interesting topics

The need to pass across information has continued to increase, especially as companies continue to compete among businesses as well as several important information that needs to be passed out as soon as possible and to a wide range of people. The Internet has made it easier to achieve this purpose. Today, there is a quantity of information that can easily be referred to as infinite on the Internet and the number continues to increase. Hence, if you want to get the attention of people, you will need to have attractive blog content. It should be attractive enough to make a person who comes across as much as a sentence of the article or just the title be willing to pause and read the information. This article will discuss how to make attractive blog content.

The right topic

The first thing you want to get right is the topic. For many people, the first thing they will come across when it comes to your blog article is the tile. Hence, the title must be catchy enough to draw the attention of whoever comes across it. For this purpose, it is important to make your topic interesting, apt, and straight to the point. One of the major things people do when they want to pick an interesting topic is to use listicles. For instance, if you have a travel blog, article topics like top 10 things you can do in a particular city or country or top 7 locations to visit are likely to draw the attention of whoever sees it, especially if the person is planning a trip to that city or planning a vacation to any other city. Some people have changed their mind to visit a different city after coming across an article listing things to do in a different city than the one they wanted to travel to, but first, they were attracted to the heading. Apart from listicles, once the topic is properly coined and it is relevant, it will draw the attention of those who are interested in the topic.

Quality content

When you want to write attractive blog content, you should have quality content. For your content to be quality, first it must be in line with the topic you are writing about. The implication is that it should contain the type of information the person who is opening the topic is expecting to be. A topic should not be things to do in the UK and then it starts talking about the history of the world. For a lot of people, the first sentence of your article will determine if they will read further or not. Hence, you should strive to have something creative as the first sentence that will encourage the person to read on. To improve the quality of content you write, you can make progress in your education and improve your writing style.

Use of stories

Another way you can write attractive blog content is by making use of relevant and interesting stories. Virtually everybody loves to read stories with many people even reading novels. However, there is hardly anybody that does not enjoy short interesting stories. Hence, starting your article with a short interesting story is a simple way to make it attractive. Alternatively, you could use a story to support a point while writing the article.

A healthy addition of humour

People love comedy and other forms of funny things. Hence, you can add some simple humour like funny quotes that can also improve the quality of your content. If you are writing in a formal or semi-formal tone, you should try to avoid abusive or obscene terms and humour. Just concentrate on healthy ones that could make a person laugh, smile or giggle when they read it while reading your article.

Quality of your website

The quality of your website will also go a long way in making your blog content attractive. Imagine using a black text to write on a black background. They won’t even see the content, let alone being able to read it. There are a lot of other colour combinations where even though it is readable, it would be offensive or harsh to the eyes. This is why you see most people sticking to grey or black on a white or grey background or white text on a black background in dark mode. It is in the quest to use colours that are not harsh to the eyes or colours that might be harsh to some people or most people.

In terms of quality how quickly your website loads could also determine if the person will be able to see the blog content you have written, even if it is attractive. Hence, you must ensure that every part of your website is in order so that the customer has the opportunity to see the article and start reading. It is essential to find a good hosting service such as Eco Web Hosting to host your blog so that it will always be online and the speed will not be negatively affected.


The formatting of the website will also go a long way to determine the attractiveness of your blog content. Apart from colour already mentioned, font type, font size and paragraphing are another major formatting to consider. You should ensure that the formatting of your documents will not make it difficult for a visitor to your website to read it.

Easily Scannable

Another thing that would make your blog content attractive is that it should be easily scannable. Hence, even a person who does not want to read the whole article can easily scan through if they can find the exact information they are interested in. To achieve this, you should make use of subheadings and short paragraphs. It is easier for people to scan through and read short paragraphs compared to when it is too long. The sub-headings will also act as a guide.

Use of pictures and videos

Pictures and videos are other features that make a blog content attractive with the right pictures and videos, people can get a good part of the information you are trying to pass across even before they start reading. Furthermore, there are many people who think the reason they would open the article or start reading is that they found the picture attractive.

Linking to other webpages

Linking on other web pages within and outside the website can also make a blog content attractive. This is especially when you are linking to the right content. It makes it possible for people to find more information about whatever part of your article they want to get more information not on your side, especially if you have linked it. They would just click and the web page with more information would open.

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