it’s a great BIG Planet. Thursday 27th March 2019. Planet X


Question what were the oceans like during this filming. Curious. REVELATION IS SPEAKING Wormwood is coming.

Everything above that line is Nibiru ,Amazing Footage,I was just going to ask does it nake a noise, I think i would be in shock too….Thank you for getting this footage to show us all…

There may or may not be a Planet X, but you are not looking at it in this video. You do a real disservice to those who spend time and effort looking for real evidence of undiscovered bodies/extraterrestrial structures.

That’s not a planet but lets use common sense a planet 10 as the size of Jupiter u would see this 24/7 all I see is chemtrails and doppler effect I guess it’s like when u where a kid a that cloud looks like a dog no it looks like a dragon yo mind player tricks on u pls people use common sense2

When really nibiru appears, on the stage … It will be seen by all the inhabited earth, for now it’s just a group of traslucent objects …

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