Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome

Mad Max Beyond Thunderstorm is a Golden Globe-nominated movie which came in 1985. The film was directed by George Miller and George Ogilvie featuring Mel Gibson and Tina Turner. She also sang the film’s theme song. The original Music is composed by Maurice Jarre.

The Thunderdome of the title is a domed arena full of weapons with what two gladiators battle with. While onlookers can watch it and place bets on which one of the fighters will survive and get to leave the dome. In this movie, Max ends up fighting for his life in the Thunderdome and people are seeing this as some sort of “sport”. Some fans have even created fan-fiction depicting the movie’s characters taking part in other gambling activities that for sure happened in the dome. People who play live poker online, have seen their whole platforms re-designed into the post-apocalyptic style as a tribute to the movie.It’s not a surprise that gambling and betting plays an important role in films and shows like these. It adds some excitement and the element of chance. You can never be sure what will happen next.

The movie gives us back story to the original Mad Max and Mad Max 2.

Short plot

In the third of the Mad Max movies, Max ( Mel Gibson) drifts into an evil town ruled by Turner. In this place, he becomes a gladiator and gets left in the desert where a band of feral orphans rescues him. The third act begins as Max is going with orphans at the outskirts of Bartertown. They sneak in and intend on finding a Master. WIthout Blaster to protect him, he will be just Auntie’s slave. Max and the children free him but alert the guards which end with Bartertown’s methane factory becoming damaged causing explosions. Max is trying to save Jedediah, but there is not enough place for them all in the air truck. Max, as a hero, stays behind. He is trying to clear the path through the pursuing vehicles so the plane has enough runway to take it off. It goes without saying that he earns respect with this behavior, so Aunty spares Max’s life. She then vows to rebuild Bartertown.


The vehicles in the movie are different from the ones we all saw in the previous movies. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome is taking place after 15-18 years of The Road Warrior has shown. So, there are remains of vehicles. There are only two vehicles that remain in their original form. One is Truck-train and Max’s very own Camel Wagon. All the other vehicles are makeshift and custom-built on various chassis ranging from Toyota to Ford.


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Critical reception

George Miller has lost interest in the project after his friend and producer Byron Kennedy was harshly killed in a helicopter crash while locating scouting. A common mistake is that Miller later agreed to direct actions with George directing the rest of the movie. In fact, the only time when George and Oglivie split up was filming the camel sequences. Otherwise, they would spend most of their set times together. There is the quote at the end of the movie that says: For Byron.

Critical reaction to the movie was mostly positive, although some of the fans were having mixed feelings about the ending of the movie. Most of the criticism was focused on the children in the second half of the movie. Which gave movie watchers very much of Lost Boys vibes from Peter Pan. Critic Roger Ebert called the movie the first original movie idea after the first karate movies. He also praised the fight between Max and Blaster as “ one of the greatest creative action scenes in the movies.”

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