Overview of Bitget cryptocurrency exchange

Bitget is a centralized platform that allows users to trade cryptocurrency. Comfortable usage of the exchange is provided by a user-friendly interface and support for multiple languages. Trading on Bitget is easier thanks to the tools built into the site. At the same time, users can be sure that their data is reliably protected. To learn more about a worthy platform for crypto-trading, it is worth reading this review of the Bitget cryptocurrency exchange or visiting https://globalcryptoexpert.com/exchanges/bitget/

Key Features

More than 400 tokens and over 500 trading pairs are available for trading on the exchange. The crypto exchange website is equipped with charting tools that, coupled with advanced pricing technologies, allow you to trade competently and at market prices.

In addition to the features listed above, the exchange has a number of other important options:

  • Futures. Futures trading allows you to optimize the very process of crypto-trading by providing flexibility in every approach through the use of stop-losses, take-profits, etc.
  • Leverage. Borrowing large sums of money can help you climb on a potentially profitable coin. But this approach is associated with even more risk, so its use is recommended only for experienced investors using stop orders.
  • Copy-trading. The essence of copy-trading is to follow professional crypto traders to make the same trades as they do. Now even a beginner can achieve success because the requirement for knowledge and experience is removed. Only for such trades a commission is charged, so profits are smaller and losses are larger.
  • Perpetual contracts. Opening a long position based on an open-ended contract allows the trader to protect himself or herself from the price fluctuations of a particular cryptocurrency. Therefore, there is a real opportunity to speculate at the expense of volatility.
  • Bitget Token (BGB). The exchange promotes its own token. This means that users will be entitled to various benefits for its use.
  • King’s Cup Global Invitation (KCGI). KCGI is a competitive event. Users compete alone or in teams. The exchange provides them with a virtual account, after which everyone trades according to their own understanding. At the end of the round is summed up.
  • Mobile application. Necessary procedures can be done by using the Bitget mobile app. It is easy to navigate and has a chat room. A nice bonus is that the application supports a lot of analytical tools.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitget

The advantages of this crypto exchange, first of all, include:

  • Interface. A lot of attention is paid to design. A beginner will not even need any review of the Bitget cryptocurrency exchange to start using it effectively. A considerable number of tools make this exchange a powerful trading platform.
  • Commissions. Low commissions are another nice fact about Bitget. Transaction creators have a 0.1% commission and recipients have a 0.2% commission. At the same time, there is no commission for the withdrawal or replenishment of cryptocurrency balances.
  • Security. Protection against hacking is represented by modern two-factor authentication, storing funds in cold accounts, and a securities settlement system. Including the need for verification to use the system.


A significant disadvantage is a fact that the platform does not support trading with all exchanges. Therefore, the prices of many transactions may not be quite up to date, although they will remain competitive. Because of this, large and experienced crypto traders may prefer other crypto exchanges.

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