Planet X 2019

Planet Nibiru in 2019: Latest News

In early 2019, the media continued to actively exaggerate a favorite topic that the huge planet Nibiru is approaching the Earth. The latest news says that apocalypse and the death of all living things are about to come. Various pictures in the social networks just add fuel to the fire, pretending to show the evidence of the appearance of a potential threat of the end of the world. There are many opinions on this issue, most of which are simply anti-scientific and fictional.

What does actually this space object represent, and is it dangerous to humanity? What are the first mentions of the fiery Planet X? The ancient manuscripts of the Sumerians, the inhabitants of Mesopotamia, say there is a mysterious planet in the sky capable of destroying our Earth in an instant. It was associated with the patron saint of Babylon, the supreme deity Marduk. Sumerian myths often mentioned Nibiru alongside with the other planets and stars. They assumed that this is a kind of immovable point or axis of the world.

The mysterious space object is called “fixed parking” or “parking in the center” if translated literally from the Sumerian tablets. Sumerians believed that 12 more planets revolve around the Sun along the Milky Way, constituting the complete Solar system. Every 3.5 thousand years, it is crossed by the huge celestial body of Nibiru, which has an elongated shape. Though, none of the modern astronomers have ever seen this mysterious Planet X.

What danger does a mysterious planet carry?

Many ufologists publish the latest news that the planet Nibiru will pass so close to Earth in 2019 that it will shift its axis and lead to catastrophic changes in nature. When this is called different dates. The activity of alien entities, the appearance of inexplicable phenomena in the sky are also associated with the approach of a dangerous celestial body.

The most pessimistic predictions say that people will massively die from volcanic eruptions; huge ocean waves; faults in the earth’s crust; extensive fires; hurricanes and storms of unprecedented power; floods caused by the massive melting of the ice of Antarctica. Fans of cosmic fiction predict that our Earth will deviate significantly from its orbit, or it will completely collapse as a result of a sharp collision with a mysterious celestial object from which powerful and dangerous ultraviolet rays emanate.

The latter will also negatively affect the state of the biosphere and nature. As a result, all types of plants and animals will disappear irretrievably. The American ufologists claim that the country of Mexico will be the first target of the ultraviolet rays of Nibiru, as UFOs are often noticed over it, carrying out a kind of exploration of local topography and strange maneuvers.

There are a lot of videos about such phenomena on the internet. Other pseudo-researchers claim that a “space crash” may occur, but it will the Earth that collides with the Planet X, but with its moon satellite. During the 2017 solar eclipse, ufologists noticed a foreign celestial object near the moon. They claim that this is the evidence of the approach of the fiery Nibiru.

The gravity field of Nibiru has begun to draw the Earth: humanity will not escape.

Nibiru switched to a decisive attack, a planet-killer will strike a powerful blow, the Earth will split into pieces.

As stressed by the ufologist Scott Waring, the Planet X was captured in NASA images while attacking the Sun, masquerading as an alien ship Nibiry came very closely to it.

“The US government and the NASA space agency do not consider it necessary to convey the fact of the appearance of Planet X to the public. Solar observatories around the world have not announced anything about it, and in fact, 99% of them receive money from NASA,” the expert emphasized.

He is also confident that a dangerous planet can provoke global cataclysms on our planet, which could end in disaster for humanity.

Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorists on the Web discuss a series of anomalies, captured in different parts of the world. At the same time, attention is drawn to the giant rainbow and the strange white ray, and it is also emphasized that all this can be the impact of a terrible killer planet.

In addition, according to the Center of the Study of Natural Anomalies and Ufology, a tectonic plate shifted in Siberia at the depth of 35 km, and it is assumed that these events are associated with the mysterious planet Nibiru.

The researchers recorded an increasing rift with the help of powerful and high-frequency equipment, while the rate of its expansion reaches 2 meters per hour.

At the same time, according to British scientists, the Earth can be subjected to powerful aggressive radiation from Nibiru.

Experts warn about the catastrophe that threatens the solar system, while nothing can save humanity.