Planet x Wormwood Nibiru Update Today! Amazing footage All Subs

Welcome to this c fernald channel you will find many great videos with lots of planet x nibiru news. Please DO NOT FORGET Subscribe, Like, and Comment. Folks We Are Discovering moons, spherical shapes Called Punch Clouds, and DARK Orbs Not Mention crazy skies and planets With Their Own Cloud systems drenching our skies with red iron oxide. What if we see the planet nibiru tonight real big in the sky and we knew the lord was returning tonight. Are You Saved? Do You Have Jesus In Your Life? All That Is Happening Is A Part Of Our Lord And Savior Returning. What to Expect? Planet X Videos, Real Footage That I Record Myself. I record evidence of, Nibiru, Nemesis aka’ Brown Dwarf Star. Watching for Signs in the Sun, Moon, and Stars According to Revelation “Wormwood” and last day prophecies by recording what may find. I will show evidence of planets and planetary atmosphere that is mixing with our own. Sometimes I will show fantastic Captures that is Shared by Subscribers just like yourself. We are a community of like-minded God Fearing folks. I am also trying to share the word of God at the same time. I find “Signs, Simply any Sign in the sky I see and I show it. By doing so we all get a quick Opportunity to Sow a word of the Lord “Warnings and Encouragement within the Same Video. That is AWESOME! Why Should I Subscribe To c fernald channel? By Subscribing you are making yourself able to see hundreds of hours of REAL GENUINE footage Containing Real Time Planet Hunting, Nibiru or Planet X Is The Binary System to Our Sun’s twin. By Hitting the Bell that Notifies the subscriber of an incoming Nibiru planet x update of the newest capture on Camera. Don’t Miss My Playlist Collection it will grow as I make each video. I will always do the very best I can to get the best footage I can for all of you. So, Please enjoy watching and hopefully you will learn signs that I am capturing, Thank You All For Watching c fernald channel, May The Lord Bless Us All…Peace and Love Always….

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