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On November 8, 2016 Hillary Clinton will likely be elected President unless this book swings the election for Mr. Trump by awakening America as to its fate if Donald Trump is not elected. This book could be the deciding factor.  Even though Trump and Clinton are close in the polls, it’s the Electoral College that will decide the Presidency.  The swing states Trump must win.  Facebook could be the medium, with a posting of this book’s cover or a link to this site, since Facebook postings have a tendency to multiply.  You may have 300 contacts, and they may have 30,000 contacts, and those may have 300,000 contacts, and those 3,000,000 contacts.  These are deciding factors.  This book must be distributed on a national scale.


This book explains it all – including the mystery of the End Game – with in depth discussion of arcane knowledge including the money trail that leads right back into the mysterious Chocolate Mountains of California – the mineral resources the insiders have in place for the crash. NO one will remain undecided after reading this book! This book, like all documents I produce, is a mission-specific briefing, in a class of its own.  It will enable you to live through what is about to happen, and not even bat an eye.

Hillary’s husband Bill laid the groundwork for the Dot-com bubble, and the ruinous hyperinflation of real estate values.  NAFTA was another disaster, destroying millions of American jobs.  The policies of his wife will end America as we know it.  The economy, already on the precipice, will collapse over the cliff.  Massive stock market withdrawals will occur.  The Crash will occur in 2017.

In 1999 Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall.  The next 7-8 years was the Roaring Twenties all over again.  Banks created fraudulent loans – sham transactions including the so-call “Collateralized Debt Obligations” – they actually sold this stuff to the American public and investors. Guess what?  In 2008 the house of cards collapsed.

Clinton is a “New World Order” proponent, and as such she has done major damage to Middle East stability and the safety of Israel. A war is more likely under her than anyone. New World Order people are looking for a one-world government and leader.  That idea is as old as the Greek philosophers, and just as wrong.  When you put absolute power in the hands of one person, that’s a guarantee of corruption.

Instead of deregulating and drawing on Alaska’s oil, which would make America energy independent, she relies on failed old-school policies to conquer and control Middle East oil.  She has released billions to Iran, which they are using against us – they are the #1 terror state in the world.

Obamacare will devastate the medical community.  The USA has the highest debt level of any nation in the world.  Under Clinton it will be astronomically higher.  She will raise taxes as never before, and run to the bankers for money.  I won’t spend time on her track record – Trump has done that.  We need to go into survivalist mode from a standpoint of major investment diversification, and right now.

Most importantly, this book leads you to the last chapter “The End Game.” This is a detail description of where Clinton policies are purposely and secretly leading America. It is a revelation every American needs to know. The Clintons have been referred to as agents of the “establishment” or the “shadow government” by various commentators.  Their hidden agenda, which I believe Donald Trump is very aware of, is revealed for the first time here.  The book takes you step-by-step from the outer reaches to the inner core of what is about to befall America. We are very close to financial Armageddon regardless of the outcome of the election, but with Hillary Clinton in power there is a very short fuse.  Ron Paul has spoken of the possibility of Martial Law being imposed. If Martial Law is imposed, your time for preparation is effectively over. You cannot change the world system, but you can make yourself impervious to it, and you can profit tremendously. You must prepare now.

The book as well explores the greatest conspiracy of all time, and solves it.



The facts about Ft. Knox:

  • The last independent audit was in 1953.
  • In 1933 Roosevelt nationalized gold.
  • $20.67 per troy ounce was the exchange rate.
  • 5,000 tons of gold were smelted and contained in Ft. Knox.
  • After the gold was confiscated, a $35. price was instituted.
  • Today there are supposed to be 147.3 Million troy ounces in Ft. Knox.

But – what’s the real story?

Why is so much anonymous gold selling occurring?

Who manipulates the price of gold?

Why has the Federal Reserve stalled Germany, who requested their examination of their gold held in the NY Vault?

Ecuador, Poland, Switzerland and Mexico also want their gold back – guess what – they are being stonewalled as well.  Where there is smoke, there is fire.  

In 2011 IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on a trumped-up charge, coincidentally only days after he had enquired why the NY Federal Reserve was not allowing audits of its members’ gold holdings – rumors abound that he had been privately informed off the record about what was happening.  Russia believes he was privately “tipped off.”  And that’s what led to the incident to discredit him.

In 2011 Ron Paul demanded an audit of the Ft. Knox gold – the US Treasury refused, claiming it would “take 6 months.”

The History Channel in its episode of America’s Book of Secrets reached the conclusion that what has happened is the “greatest heist of the century.”  You can view their documentary at their website, or Google it or find it on YouTube by using the key phrase: “The Gold Conspiracy, America’s Book of Secrets Video.”

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.
Aristotle Onassis

The Contents of this eBook include:

  1. There is No Time Left
  2. The Great Depression
  3. American Silver Eagles
  4. Russia Abandons the Dollar
  5. The Leviathan Gas Field
  6. The Bank of International Settlements
  7. Gold
  8. Seven Experts
  9. The U.S. Research Project
  10. The Great American Mystery: How Much Gold Remains in Ft. Knox?
  11. History
  12. Ten Commandments of Gold and Silver
  13. Gold Stocks and Indexes
  14. The Art of Intelligence
  15. Russian Threats to Collapse the U.S. Economy
  16. Chinese Threats to Collapse the U.S. Economy
  17. The True End Game


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If you want to have any chance of surviving what is imminent, you must have this book. China is now a net buyer of Silver and has recommended to their 1.4 billion citizens the purchase and saving of this precious metal. It’s only one of many alternative investments we explore in this book. You need to get positioned ahead of time. Empower yourself today by buying this book!

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