The Truth behind Planet Nibiru

Planet Nibiru has made it to the headlines oftentimes. One can also say that this topic brings out the true creativity of some minds. From people fearing it to be the end of the world to people assuming it to be a blessed location, the assumptions are endless.

We’re pretty sure that you must’ve heard about this planet somewhere. But if not, then don’t you worry because, in this article, we will discuss every aspect of this mystery and explore the facts about it as well. We will learn everything from its existence to its history.

If you want to learn facts about this planet, then stick till the end as this one will be interesting. Now, let’s learn the story of this suspicious space body that we usually call Planet Nibiru.

History of Planet Nibiru

If you’re not new to the world of the internet, then you must know about the 2012 apocalypse. From the public preparing for the doomsday to blockbuster movies on the subject, it was the talk of the hour. But if you don’t remember, let us give you a quick recap.

In the early 2000s, some psychics suggested that our planet will be destroyed in April 2012. Although it had no scientific backup, people still started to freak out. They made a huge deal out of this assumption and planned this whole scenario of how everyone will die. Some went so crazy that they bought earthquake-proof homes so that they can save themselves.

But it didn’t stop there as the month approached, panic and fear raised amongst the public. And as expected, nothing happened, and we all survived that fictional massacre.

If this still doesn’t ring any bells, then let us tell you some more details about that hypothetical apocalypse.

Our great minds not only predicted when the earth would destroy, but they also suggested how this will be done. The psychic who said that an apocalypse would occur in 2012, also said that a huge unknown planet would hit us, resulting in the destruction of our homeland. That unknown planet was named planet Nibiru.

The conspiracy regarding planet Nibiru is not new. This subject has been raised a couple of times. For the first time, it was brought into attention when Nancy Lieder wrote about it in 1995. According to her, some aliens that she could communicate with told her about this weird planet.

But here’s the thing, all of this was completely hypothetical. There was no scientific backing to this statement, and even the greatest astronomers denied it. But sadly, we live in a world where facts are useless and juicy gossips are the best sellers. The same thing happened with this publication, the author made millions out of it, and somehow convinced everyone that we’d die in 2003 because of planet Nibiru.

But when nothing happened that year, some great mind had an idea to resell this theory in 2012 and stir up the gossip of doomsday once again. Some believers also call this hypothetical place, Planet X, or Planet 9.

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What is Planet Nibiru?

Ambassadors of this assumptive land suggest that it is a vast planet that completes its rotation around the sun in 3,600 years. And after that, it somehow disappears in the depths of outer space. They compel that because it is highly suspicious and disappears, that is why no one could ever observe it.

If you think about it, it is an amazing story to sell—no wonder why that publication was a hit. But science doesn’t operate on suspicions, it works on facts. And even if that planet could disappear, it is no way possible that we missed it when it was completing its revolution.

But before we debunk the whole hypothesis of this Planet 9, let’s understand the basic concepts of science and solar system.

The Science of Gravity and Equilibrium

According to Newton’s Law of Gravitation, every matter in this universe attracts other bodies with a force that is called the force of gravitation. Now do not confuse it with gravity and how there is zero gravity in outer space. This law simply suggests that everything attracts each other – be it a magnet or an entire planet.

This attractive force is essentially responsible for everything. It implies that the action of one body has an equal reaction to other bodies. From atomic particles to our planets, everything follows this principle.

Understand it this way, everything in this universe has an equilibrium. When this is disturbed, reactions occur. For example, the ground attracts you with a gravitational force equal to your weight. But when you walk and lift your leg, you apply a force that surpasses gravity, and as a result of it, you walk.

Similarly, magnets attract each other with attractive forces. But when a stronger magnet is put near them, their balance is disturbed, and they attract to that bigger magnet too. Thus, the magnets were in equilibrium before they came across the third magnet. Exactly like this, every other particle has a reaction to a newly introduced matter.

Keep all this information in your mind as now we will apply this to the theory of Nibiru.

Fact Check of Planet Nibiru

Apply everything we discussed above on the solar system, and this mystery will be solved. According to the law of gravitation, you can say that every planet applies some attractive force on the other planets. And as discussed, these forces are highly balanced. This is why the planets never leave their orbits and stay in their respective places.

Now let’s say that Nibiru was actually real and it did revolve around the sun, then it must’ve applied some force on the planets as well. And do you know what would’ve happened then? That force would’ve disturbed the equilibrium in our solar system, resulting in disturbance of the revolution of other planets. Just like the third magnet that we talked about before.

According to Nibiru believers, this disturbance of equilibrium is exactly how this planet will destroy our earth. And they believe that because it is so far away right now, it hasn’t done anything yet. But if there really was another planet in our solar system, why hasn’t it caused any disturbance until now?

Supposedly, the planet Nibiru is so huge that it can destroy us. But think about it, if we can see Mars when it is near the earth, then why is there no evidence of this planet’s movement?

Let us tell you why, because this planet does not exist! It is just a fantasy that some psychic created to sell their thoughts. And there is no way that a strong force like this would’ve gone unnoticed.

If you still have doubts, then ask yourself if that lady can talk to aliens, then why isn’t there any proof of it? So, unless someone comes out with strong evidence and scientific logic behind this suspicious space body, just consider it a myth.

In a Nutshell

Planet Nibiru, Planet X, or Planet 9 – all are many names of one hypothetical body whose existence has no scientific proof. It was first brought up in 1995 by a lady named Nancy, who believed that she could talk to aliens. Since then, it has been in the spotlight several times.

People think of it as the space body that can destroy the earth. But NASA and every other astronomical agency have confirmed that there is no evidence of any other planet in our solar system. For a planet that completes its revolution in 3600 years, there is no chance that humans of earth missed it in the 4.5 billion years of earth’s existence.

In short, planet Nibiru is a great fantasy to assume and make stories out of. But in reality, no logic or evidence backs up the claim of its presence.

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