Is it time to leave America?

Is it time to leave America

History is logical, all that has happened is that it will happen again, only the scale and geographical coordinates change. The world remembers many wars, but only in the twentieth century with the development of weapons appeared the concept of world war. The major players in the world political arena understood the inevitability of such wars and in order to “protect” themselves or, in other words, better prepare themselves to conclude “peace” pacts and treaties. Periods of “friendship and non-aggression” gave a temporary illusion of security and peace

Inhabitants of a significant part of Asia and America could observe a complete lunar eclipse on the night of October 9, the peculiarity of which was the blood-red color of the moon. The eclipses in general, and the “bloody moon” in particular, always caused fear and even horror in people. This is partly due to religious factors and beliefs in higher powers. The ancients believed that the moon was poured with blood from the wounds of unclean spirits. In ancient China, it was believed that during the eclipse, the moon was devoured by a dragon. Egyptians saw in it intrigues of the evil god Seth, and ancient Germans believed that the Moon is devoured by the giant wolf. Eclipses always were perceived by the mankind as precursors of misfortunes. This superstition was fed even more by some events occurring in the period after eclipse. It is also impossible to ignore the Great American Solar Eclipse, which temporarily plunged the whole country into darkness. This is the first phenomenon of such scale since 1918 and the first complete eclipse in the XXI century-for some of these and other events, such as super storms, volcanic eruptions are signs of Revelation of Chapter 12 of John the Evangelist and precursors of the beginning of new world wars.

Search for a better life

In the 21st century, there was an increase in the number of expatriate emigrants from the West living in countries other than the West or in other Western countries, such as Americans living in the UK or British living in Spain. According to official data, their number is equal to 6 million people – they are looking for no better living conditions or more earnings as a lot of other emigrants, how much security they do not feel in their country. Of course, they can joke and say that I’m writing a book about travel – but still understand that it’s not serious.

Before the outbreak of World War II, Hitler signed many peace treaties “on neutrality and non-aggression”: with the USSR, England, France and others – and one of the worst wars of the twentieth century began. So. recently the agreements between North and South Korea were signed, I do not want to say anything bad, but everyone should definitely think about it.

First of all, this worries Russia, because the network of NATO defensive facilities is quite close to its borders, which will become offensive if necessary. Russia is trying to respond by inventing hypersonic nuclear weapons of mass destruction force-but the U.S. is not sleeping well either, and announces the same in 2019.

Bounty is somewhere near

Do you think there’s almost a fairy tale country in the Caribbean? I’ll tell you. Belize, formerly known as British Honduras, is an attractive country for many. Visitors are attracted to the rich flora and fauna and coastal reefs. Capitalists, on the other hand, want to visit the Yucatan Peninsula for a different reason. Caught between Mexico and Guatemala, this small state is one of the few that grants its citizenship to generous investors.

Do you want to live on the northeast coast of Central America in a country washed by the gentle waters of the Caribbean Sea? Not afraid to live in a small country, do you like diving and islands? Tired of the life of squirrels in the wheel in the rhythm of earned-spending? To you in Belize. You can enjoy a quiet life in Belize, and when it gets tired, take a car to Cancun in Mexico or take a plane to Miami. Thinking about low-cost lifestyle options, choosing a country to move, everyone expects to get more benefits than in the country of residence. Belize is one of those countries that can meet the needs of foreign migrants planning to live in a country with a permanent summer and warm climate. The dream of many foreigners is to find a secluded place near the ocean where you can comfortably live and do business, taking into account your financial capabilities. It is this country that Belize can become, which in recent decades has become popular among residents of North America, Europe and other countries. In Belize, as of the beginning of 2019, according to data, there are about 350,000 people living in the country.

The loyalty of visa services to foreigners coming to the country is evidenced by the fact that they have settled here already more than ten thousand. Not all migrants are full-fledged citizens and take part in the elections, but all of them have the right to buy real estate and land. In the latter case, foreign citizens, however, have to buy a license to own land from the state in advance. But, first of all, its cost is low-only $150 (it is not a problem to get it-it is not in the memory of local agents).

And secondly, if the size of the plot does not exceed half an acre (approximately 0.2 hectares) within the city and 10 acres outside it, it is allowed to make a deal without this document.

Anyone who gets warm under the Central American sun or wants to have a place to hide from political and financial storms on a rainy day, can choose another way-to get citizenship. Belize’s passport is a pass to most other countries of the British Commonwealth, as well as Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. And, of course, you will have the honorable right to elect and be elected to the highest levels of government, and if your homeland suddenly becomes unfavorable to you, you will be protected by Belizean democracy.

I recommend you this site if you want to move to the warm sea and sunshine and do not worry about selling your business or its development strategy, its evaluation, payment of taxes and so on-all in one place.