Were the moon landings faked?

Do you know?

The landing of American astronauts on the moon in the sixtieths of the twentieth century was a real breakthrough in the history of mankind, but even after almost 60 years since the publication of the photo of astronauts on the moon disputes on this topic have not subsided. Thus, if we believe the ardent adherents of the theory of the “Moon plot” during the space race in the course of the program “Apollo” landing people on the moon was not carried out, and photos, video and other documentary materials were falsified by the U.S. government.
Arguments that indicate the involvement of the director is a fluttering flag in a vacuum (there is no wind on the moon), the absence of stars in the photo with the surface of the moon, various optical anomalies.
I will not refute this theory, or share with you other considerations, my position is neutral, but I think you will be interested in the arguments of both sides.

The pros and cons.

The Earth’s atmosphere is closed by radiation zones called Van Allen’s belt: these zones consist of charged particles of cosmic rays and solar wind attracted by the Earth’s magnetic field, the radiation level in them is 100 million times higher than the planet’s natural radiation background, they are located at an altitude of 600 to 3600 miles (internal) and from 9300 to 15000 (external) belt. Without nuclear protection against radiation, any form of life will die if it enters these belts, unless it passes through them in a 6-foot-long lead-coated flask – how did the astronauts manage to get through it? That’s why many people believed in landing on the moon, many people did not, my mother included.
Nasa answered that the astronauts gave in to the radiation 30 times less than the lethal dose, thanks to the radiation protection inside the ship and the short stay of astronauts in these belts.
Will you be a full member of society and try to get to the truth, or will they still control you and impose their judgments? Interesting question, isn’t it? Maybe most of our conscious life tries to deceive us, so we need to compare facts and be able to analyze. Every day, month, and year, the strongest of this world give us a new portion of lies. Alice and a magical country with a rabbit hole next to her. For many NBCs, this is the truth at the last resort, and their information is a theorem that does not require proof.

In addition:
One of their most recent large-scale projects was against Tramp – after the news about the results of the investigation of Special Prosecutor Robert Miller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the Prezident election, Trump intends to take revenge on some of the media and journalists who, in his opinion, incorrectly covered this topic. It is also not in vain that I touched upon the topic of the British operation more than a year ago – I wrote about the style agent and his assets of Obama – now this house of cards is collapsing and everyone will be rewarded by his faith – many will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
The media are always dissatisfied and go against those who are able to think and analyze, and therefore know more than anyone else. That’s why now there are a lot of publications against Trump, although the only president of our time who can be compared to a springboard was Ronald Reagan, his decisions were accurate and consistent.

To conclude:
My stepfather gave me the photo of Kennedy’s autopsy, I know everything, but so far I’ve voiced only 5%. Operation 40 is done at the expense of the exiles from the cube – only with whose permission is this happening and to whom is it beneficial? Answers are in my book, everything that was or can be interesting. True data will not be shown on TV.