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          The fact is that Hitler and his lover Eva Braun did not commit suicide – rather, they fled to the Argentinean shores aboard a submarine and lived for many years in the vicinity of San Carlos de Bariloche, which is today a tourist destination and ski site 1350 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires.   In 1945, the Naval Attaché in Buenos Aires informed Washington there was a high probability that Hitler and Eva Braun had just arrived in Argentina.


Note – David Meade is my Pen Name that I use online.  This is registered with WGA West of course under my actual name.


A newly hired Bureau (FBI) man is sitting at his Los Angeles desk – it’s 1954.  His name is Gene Hausmann.  He is assigned to this “purely a desk job” type of project. He’s to collect all incoming intelligence reports regarding Hitler and his escape to Argentina and then just sit on it – classify it so that it never comes out in the open. He is to be “inactive.”

But on his own initiative he becomes active, and finds out it is true. When he retires, he tells his son, Frank, the story and the details, and Frank later joins the Bureau himself.  His father left him a mandate – to always follow the truth wherever it leads. He does just that, and in the end the hunter becomes the hunted – he knows too much. 

The film has Plot Points which place main characters in danger at the end of Act I and Act 2.  It has surprising revelations about Hitler in Spain and in Argentina, which are not commonly known.  And most of all, it answers the big “Why” question.  Why was the cover up allowed to last so long?  What secrets of Hitler, Bormann and World War II did the establishment not want revealed?

1945: The Allies bombardments on the German cities of Cologne and Dresden killed more than 450,000 people.  Royal Air Force and American aircraft wrecked total destruction on the advancing front.  Dresden was reduced to flaming rubble in one day. 

The German High Command knew its fate.  Hitler knew his as well.  But he wasn’t in the least concerned.  2 years prior to this, in 1943, his top lieutenants had put together an escape plan like no other in history.  In April of 1945 the Red Army advanced on Berlin.  On April 21 Hitler was last seen in public.  The next night he disappeared.

In his place one of four highly-trained doubles appeared.  His face was similar but not exact.  He was expendable.  It’s time to review the facts by the highest levels:


In 1952, Dwight D. Eisenhower said: “We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler’s death.  Many people believed that Hitler escaped from Berlin.”

Judge Michael Musmanno (of the Nuremberg Trials) said in 1946: “Hitler’s body was never found.”  In 1948 he said: “We have no evidence that he died in his bunker or anywhere.”

In 1945 Red Army General Zhukov said: “We have found no corpse that can be Hitler’s.  I am absolutely, positively sure Hitler escaped from Berlin.”

Nikita Khrushchev said: “Yes…sure…Stalin did not believe Hitler committed suicide.  I am certain he did not shoot himself in his bunker.”

Stalin, in May of 1945, told Harry Hopkins, U.S. envoy: “It is my opinion that Hitler is not dead.  He is alive and hiding somewhere.  I wish your government will understand and accept this…”

Newly declassified FBI documents reveal that the Bureau was aware of a submarine that made its way up the coast of Argentina, and dropped off high-ranking Nazi Party officials including Hitler.  The FBI was tipped by one informant that Hitler was living in the foothills of the Andes.

In 1945 a Los Angeles informant asked for asylum in exchange for information.  What he told agents stunned them.  He was one of four men who had actually met the German submarine.  Hitler and Eva Braun were among the occupants.

Argentina at that time was a center of Nazi wealth.  Billions of dollars which had been stolen from the countries, art galleries, people and banking institutions of the countries the Germans had conquered had been funneled to purchase massive ranches, businesses and banking infrastructure in Argentina, all in preparation for relocation of Adolf Hitler himself.  The government in Argentina was an active and willing participant, according to informants.  This exact document can be viewed at the FBI’s vault at:


This link is actual online FBI source data – a description by various informants of the landing of Hitler in Argentina as just described.  Over 200 more pages of detailed information follow this report at this link.  This has only recently been declassified.

The cover story was a suicide.  It was actually a homicide.  And the supposed skull of the victim, Hitler, was taken to Russia to the State Archive.  There it resided until it was tested several years ago by a University in Connecticut for DNA.  The conclusion: it was the skull of a young female, somewhere between 20 and 40 years of age.

In terms of dental records, a normal form of identification, this never occurred since Hitler had authorized his personal dentist to destroy all records.  Hitler had employed four doubles during his reign, and he knew well their purpose and their end.  No step was overlooked.  The destruction of his personal papers and files is a historical fact.

In 1943, as the first year of Hitler’s escape plan became operational, Admiral Doenitz was known to have said publicly: “The German U-boat fleet is proud to have made an earthly paradise, an impregnable fortress for the Fuhrer, somewhere in the world.”

To get to Argentina required getting Hitler and Eva to a safe port.  General Franco, the military dictator of Spain, was a close friend of Hitler and had thus achieved neutrality for Spain during the conflict.  A large German infrastructure had been in place in Spain.  Spain provided access to deep water ports for German U-boats.

The only tactical measure required was to move Hitler and Eva from their Bunker to the airport, several miles away, and then fly them to Spain. This was accomplished through a secret door within the bunker, which led to a German tunnel that underscored the entire city. The exit panel could be reached by a hidden doorway in Hitler’s bunker.  The tunnel was constructed by Albert Speer.  It was known to the German military as the underground railway network. Today the same tunnel is used as a subway and guess where it leads – right to the entrance to the Berlin airport. 

It is a known fact that a variety of flights out of this airport occurred the week before Berlin fell.  On April 22, 1945 ten separate flights carrying top Nazi officers left the Tempelhof Airport.  These were the connected Nazis. 

Hitler’s personal pilot, Hans Baur, told Russians who were interrogating him that: “Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun and General Hermann Fegelein escaped aboard a Ju 52 Aircraft.”

Lt. Colonel Walter Horten in 1946 said that “I never doubted it (the Escape).  Borman planned it well, and Admiral Doenitz knew exactly what to do…”

The Allies were vastly more interested in capturing General Dr. Hans Kammler, who was conceivably worth “billions in terms of intelligence and scientific information,” and of course recruiting Dr. von Braun.  These now-declassified documents reveal the journey to Spain and the trip to Argentina – the true story of the Escape of Hitler.  The film is about the cover up.


It is night time in Los Angeles in 1954.  GENE HAUSMANN, a newly hired FBI agent assigned to LA, sits in the Taboo Restaurant in a corner table.  He is meeting an informant, known only by his code name of MARTIN, an ex-German national who recently moved to America from Argentina. 

Martin has information on the story of the century – the whereabouts of Adolf Hitler.  A bulky, heavy set man arrives in the restaurant and walks directly to Gene’s table.  After some pleasantries, Gene gets down to the main topic – “You say he did not commit suicide, and that he escaped?”

Martin looks around the room and then stares into Gene’s eyes with a coldness that startles him.  “It is a haunting and powerful story.  I would not say escaped.  But he did what he had to do.  He knew what the Russians would do to him if he had been captured.” 

“Where is he now?”  That is the question.  Martin replied, “His pilot, Hanna Reitsch – who is very experienced and also a test pilot, flew him to Spain, where his friend Franco gave him privacy and accommodations until July of 1945 when I saw him.  I was one of four men who saw him exit a German U-boat off the coast of Patagonia – in the South of Argentina.  He arrived with Eva Braun, a doctor, a General and three bodyguards.  Juan Peron had been preparing for his arrival all of 1945.  The Germans had a major infrastructure in place – they owned thousands of acres of farms, ranches, houses, and even owned their own banks in the country.”

Martin continued, “He was met by motorized vehicles a short distance from the beach that moved him inland – to a ranch deep in a forest at the base of the Andes.  I was paid fifteen thousand to assist. ” Gene replies, “Have you seen him since?”

Martin cautiously replies, “Only once.  At the Hotel Eden in La Falda. Owned by a very wealthy German couple who financed him.  The Eden hotel entertained kings, diplomats and even Einstein.  Hitler was there for 3 days – I saw him with my own eyes.  He was completely protected.  His hair was white and his moustache shaved, but it was absolutely him.”

Martin hands Gene a letter.  “This is my report to you.  I need in exchange for more information permission to remain in the United States.  I do not want to go back to Argentina – it is a dangerous country, and I am one of the ones who know.  I will be eliminated if I return.”


Israeli agents are on the ground in Argentina, attempting to penetrate a vast forest at the base of the Andes Mountains in order to reach a lakefront villa.  But as they finally make their way through the forest, they reach a high barbed wire fence with guards patrolling.  It is impossible to even see any further.  Their efforts are thwarted.

At a sub-basement facility of the Israeli Mossad two agents are talking.  One relates to the other that we know it’s a fact that Hitler is in Argentina.  But he’s so well protected we cannot get to him.  And he’s moved from one place to another frequently. 

Their supervisor comes in and their conversation ends with:  “We’ve even been working with the French Intelligence Services.  Charles de Gaulle knows that Hitler is alive.  But they, too, have been unable to trace him.”


FRANK HAUSMANN, in charge of reviewing critical files of the FBI about Hitler’s disappearance, now 700 pages and all declassified, receives a call from a forensic specialist who has just completed analysis of Hitler’s skull fragments from the Russian secret services. 

NICK, the forensics man, calls Frank.  “The skull definitely didn’t belong to the dictator – it was from a female, younger than 40.  Even before DNA tests, I had harbored doubts about its authenticity.  The piece of skull was thinner than a male’s normally is.  It didn’t make sense.  It didn’t gel.”

Nick added, “ABC News knows about my testing.  They’re about to publish an article on it.  The cat’s out of the bag, Frank.”

Frank only replied: “That’s the silver bullet. That confirms what my father told me – he was involved in all of the original interviews. He told me to always pursue the truth, no matter where it leads.  Hitler had four doubles, and all they found was a burned body.  It could have been anyone.” 

In Act II, Frank is stonewalled as he attempts to reopen the case.  He decides to take a leave of absence and investigate his father’s passion and interest – the cold case of the disappearance of Adolf Hitler.  The FBI has told him they are closing the files and he is to take no further action.  But he follows his conscience and an inner mandate that requires him to persevere and find the truth on his own.

His investigation takes him first to Germany and then to Spain.  In Germany he discovers the subway route that Hitler likely used to be transported to the nearby airport from his bunker.  It has a direct exit within several hundred yards of the entrance to the airport.

He discovers in Spain a Monastery where a living witness still remembers seeing Hitler in May of 1945.  It is located on a remote mountaintop and harbored Hitler for a brief time before his escape via U-boat.

His search leads him to Vigo, Spain, in the municipality of Galicia and on the southern part of Vigo Bay.  There he interviews people who are historians who know of high levels of U-boat activity in 1945 after the end of the war.  A variety of U-boats were seen entering and exiting the Bay after the war ended.

In Spain Frank meets a local villager who states he not only saw Hitler, but he built a 5,000 square foot underground living facility underneath a convent.  He said Hitler lived there until 1951.  In 1951 the convent mysteriously burned completely down when he departed. 

This meant that the Hitler that was sighted in Argentina in 1945 was a double.  Frank meets an informant who has information on Martin Bormann, a key figure.  He was the organizer and paymaster of the Nazi Party.  He was in contact with the industrialists who financed Hitler.  He signed Hitler’s paychecks.  He governed who Hitler saw.

Hitler even made Bormann the executor of his will.  Bormann owned the Berghof, consisting of 87 buildings.  The implications of what Frank discovers next are staggering.  First, his contact reveals to him, you must remember what Winston Churchill said.  “This war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.”

Frank is shown an amazing document.  It is a letter from General Reinhard Gehlen, who is head of Wehrmacht Soviet Intelligence, and in it he reveals that Bormann had been a Soviet spy.  This view was shared by many top Nazi generals including Gottlob Berger, a SS Lieutenant General.  He testified at Nuremberg that “Bormann did the greatest harm of anyone.”

Frank is given copies of wire traffic between the spy known as “Werther” and Moscow.  Only Bormann could have had access to this information.  Bormann went as far as to tell Hitler he had to transcribe all important meetings for posterity.  It turns out the transcriptions went right to the Russians.

As a result the Nazis were defeated at Kursk and Stalingrad.  Bormann influenced Hitler to dismiss many of his best generals.   Bormann’s mistress, Marie Spangenberg, was also active in the German Communist underground. 

Frank learns in Argentina from Adolph Eichmann’s oldest son, Horst, that he had many conversations with him inside of Argentina after the war.  The rumors that he may have “jumped over a bridge” were just that.  Bormann set up over 750 corporations in neutral countries to allow for his and Hitler’s escape.

Finally, he goes to Argentina and there finds and interviews a person who remembers Hitler and had shared a meal with him in the 1950s.  He was the town builder and a friend of the Mayor, who had invited him to this private luncheon with a person whom he called a “special friend.” 

In Argentina startling revelations are discovered, which accelerate the threats on his life.  He finds out (and unfortunately for historians this is a true revelation) that the most top secret orders of Hitler’s Third Reich found their way to the Red Army within hours or days at the most.  There was a traitor at the very top level.  Couriers and cut-outs were used, but the information came from the highest source to the Russians.  Russia and Great Britain knew Hitler’s plans on each major battlefield within hours of when the Orders of Battle were set.  A man known as “Werther” whom Hitler received into his secret chambers was the key.

In Argentina strange events follow, and Frank realizes he himself is under observation and surveillance.  He is now in the category of those who know too much.  He meets a woman, Gabrielle, who is an investigator within the town, and she tells him she was approached by unknown people to track his whereabouts.  She said his life is in danger.  She did not know who had hired her – they said they were multimillionaires who needed information.  She felt they were intelligence agents. 

At the end of Act II he and Gabrielle realize they are both being followed and retreat to a remote ski resort in a wild, remote area of Patagonia.  In the backdrop of some of the world’s tallest mountains, Las Lenas, at an altitude of 11,250 feet, they attempt to remove themselves from view.  It’s the perfect backdrop they think for their own disappearance.

They review one night there all of their evidence and type up briefing reports for distribution to the press and the public.  They are ready to go public with the information.  An underground press is ready to publish their material.

Unknown to them, they have been followed. They ride a ski lift to the highest peak of the mountain the very next morning.  They enter a ski lift built in 1955, one of the highest cable cars on the earth.  Its vertical ascent begins, and their life becomes their ante.  The game of discovery is over.  They are attacked within the lift, but at the end of the struggle it is their attacker who loses and falls to his death. 

Frank and Gabrielle dine at the mountaintop retreat and Frank repeats one of Hitler’s oft-quoted statements.  Ironically, Adolf Hitler once said, hoping he would never be discovered:

The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.



What the world calls history is theatre.  These events are like a “Magic Eye” picture that you have to stare at for a long time until you see it.

World War II was an Orwellian concept.  The Directors of IG Farben created Hitler.

Who financed them?

As far as the true history of World War II today, universities now for the most part no longer pursue truth.  They’re devoted to social engineering.

History is propaganda about the past.  Most historians don’t tell the truth or they would be fired.

Only 13 of the 100 volumes of Marx’s writings have been published is because to do so would expose the true nature of Communism.

Between 1935 and 1951, the Soviets knew all of Britain’s secrets through the Cambridge Five.  This team operated in MI-5, MI-6 and the Foreign Office.  Baron Rothschild was the Fifth Man, protected until his death. 

Was Hitler raised to power by an unseen hand?

Standard Oil supplied the Nazis with fuel.  It supplied a rare lead additive without which the Luftwaffe could not fly.

Situated on a slight rise – formerly known as Affenstein Hill – in Frankfurt Germany’s desirable WestEnd district is a remarkable building. The I.G. Farben Building. General Eisenhower gave specific instructions at the time of the Allied bombing of Frankfurt to avoid damage to the Farben Building.  It later became CIA Headquarters in Germany.

Adolf Hitler was totally dependent on the industrialists who put him in power.

In the end war criminals either went to work for the CIA or fled to South America.

What we term history is mostly propaganda, a cover-up.  FDR said nothing in politics happens by chance.

We may be about to enter a new Dark Ages unless these facts are revealed – contact me today at to receive a copy of this WGA-Registered Treatment in its entirety.