Great Examples of Dystopian Fiction

San Francisco, CA, USA

Dystopian fiction is known and meant to provoke the wildest imaginations of the readers. Over the years, this genre has witnessed an increasing trend, which does not seem to slow down. These books feature a splendid plot, altered rules, and a protagonist, who saves the day at the end of the day. … Read more

Find Out More About World War II From These Amazing Books

Pitched battle at Changde.

World War II was one of the deadliest conflicts in human history. Even though we come across dozens of new conflicts emerging but there is nothing outmatching World War II. Over the years, many authors have expressed their viewpoints on the incident and each has managed to catch the attention of the … Read more

Learn More About the Epic Series – Dune

Official release poster of Dune Movie

If you are into science fiction, you must be well-aware of the epic series, Dune. It is based on a 1965 novel by American author Frank Herbert. Initially, it was published in the Analog magazine as two separate serials and tied for the Hugo Award in 1966 with Roger Zelazny’s “This Immortal”.  … Read more

20 Great Things to Do In Florida

Palm Beach Shores, Florida

Florida is one of the largest states in the U.S., home to a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities. What makes this place one of the most visited tourist destinations is the perfect balance of adventure and unique places. From parks to historical sites, there is not a single dull moment in … Read more

How Do Solar Storms Affect Our Modern Lives?

Artist's depiction of solar wind particles interacting with Earth's magnetosphere. Sizes are not to scale

Solar storms of different categories and types have been taking place around the world over the years. While some have observed spectacular aurora-covered skies, others fear that they could damage our modern technologies. Researchers and scientists are trying to gather as much data as possible to come up with an estimate of … Read more

What was the 1859 Carrington Event?

Drawing of sunspots by Richard Carrington (1826-1875), the English astronomer

The 1859 Carrington event is described as one of the most interesting phenomena in history. It was discovered and observed by an amateur astronomer Richard Carrington in his private observatory. The event was described as the most intense geomagnetic storm, which resulted in auroral displays around the world.  This gave birth to … Read more

Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Fantasy Series

Do's and Don'ts for Writing a Fantasy Series

Fantasy series such as ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ by George R. R. Martin and ‘The Harry Potter Series’ by J.K. Rowling stand as proof that fantasy series can make it big and offer aspiring authors a chance at writing an entire fantasy series that may turn into adaptations (TV shows … Read more

Top Writing Tips for Creating Fantasy Fiction

A fantasy castle.

Fantasy fiction is a literature genre which is based in imaginary settings often featuring supernatural & magical elements and has a plot that cannot occur in real life. It is an escape from one’s reality and an entry into a world that is constructed by the writer’s imagination.  Unconstrained by any scientific … Read more

Tips for Mapping a World as a Writer

A building with ‘Orbit Café’ written.

Having a solid mapped world in fiction writing cannot be emphasized enough because of the importance these imaginary worlds play in the overall story, it becomes even more important when your fantasy is based in an imaginative or a non-natural setting which the reader is not familiar with.  Without the maps being … Read more

Top Books From NaNoWriMo Winners


National Novel Writing Month, which is commonly abbreviated as NaNoWriMo, is one of the best non-profit organizations for creative writers. It is popular for its novel writing competition that is held every year in November all across the world. Many young writers from various regions participate online to win the competition. History NaNoWriMo was first initiated by writer Chris Baty with only 21 participants in 1999. This started within a compact area in San Francisco. One of … Read more