Designing a Reading Nook for Kids

Designing a Reading Nook for Kids

As your kids enter a phase in life when they can start to read and understand, it is recommended that you introduce them to more productive toys that could help them in improving their reading and writing skills. One of the ways to do this is by creating a reading nook for … Read more

How Can Children Start Reading on Their Own?

two opens books next to a cup of coffee

Reading can be a pretty daunting task at first and can usually wear you out soon.Understanding words and themes that were probably written for an age group that includes children from 5 years to 12 years can be a challenge for your five-year-old and make them start disliking the book they picked … Read more

Can You Make Reading a Family Activity?

an image of a person reading a book in bed

Few activities can help children’s minds develop as fully as reading can. Books invite kids into unknown, unexplored, fantastical worlds, allowing children to lose themselves inside their worlds and the lives of the characters who inhabit those worlds. While such reading is a thoroughly enjoyable pastime, it also develops children’s comprehension skills, … Read more

Should Children Read Horror Books

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If there is one thing all children have in common, it is a love of horror movies and spooky stories. While fictional worlds are appealing to kids of all ages, witches, vampires, and other monsters are just irresistible for kids. When I look back at my early reading, I can clearly recall … Read more