Is Planet X Still a Threat?

Planet X, otherwise known as Planet Nine when Pluto was disregarded as the solar system’s ninth planet, is a hypothetical planet that was theorized by several scientists to explain the unusual orbits of Neptune, Uranus, and other dwarf planets found outside the Kuiper Belt, an asteroid belt found at the edge of … Read more

What Happened to David Meade?

Planet X appearing near Earth

David Meade is a conspiracy theorist and author who became famous for predicting that a strange planet called Nibiru or Planet X will cause the destruction of Planet Earth in 2017. However, his predictions were proven to be false when 2017 passed, and the end of the world did not happen. Meade … Read more

Is Nibiru a Real Planet?

Nibiru near Earth

The planet Nibiru has always been talked about every time the word “doomsday” is brought up, as some people believe that this strange planet would collide with Earth someday, thus bringing doom to all living things on our world. For those who don’t know what Nibiru is, it is supposed to be … Read more

Planet X: What’s the Latest?

Planet X outside the solar system

While the Planet X name is widely associated with Nancy Lieder and her doomsday theory that a large planet called Planet X would collide with Earth and bring the end to all living beings on our planet, the name was actually coined in 1894 by an astronomer named Percival Lowell, who proposed … Read more