How Founder Liu Qiangdong Became China’s Richest Man

Richard Liu is the founder of, one of China’s largest e-commerce websites. He has achieved incredible success in his life and business career, but he still has a lot to learn about it – as evidenced by some recent events that have caused him to take time off from work. Despite his setbacks, Liu Qiangdong remains determined to succeed and continues building up his brand name on an international level. Adding to his list of accomplishments, Liu Qiangdong was just named the richest man in China. Here’s more information about this Chinese entrepreneur and how he became such a successful business mogul.

Liu Qiangdong was born in China during the year of 1968. His father worked as a local government official, so he grew up understanding how the world works and what kind of impact you can have if you work hard enough to achieve your goals. He studied at university for two years before dropping out to pursue business opportunities available at the time. After working at several different jobs, Liu went into e-commerce by starting his own company called Juren – which is a Chinese word used when somebody wants someone else to accept them fully or consider them a friend/equal partner who they can trust completely. However, this new endeavor didn’t last long because there wasn’t much money being made, and Liu had to close down his company.

After that, he decided to start working at a larger e-commerce website called Jingdong, known as At first, they didn’t have very much success either because it was difficult for them to compete with other websites on an international level. They couldn’t make many sales or generate any revenue until around 2004 when they started improving their business practices. By doing this, more people were willing to buy from their website instead of others, so Richard Liu’s hard work paid off over time. Eventually, he became the CEO of after several passed by since starting the company.

Now, the company is growing more and more successfully by adding new products to their website. They’re starting to sell items like appliances, electronics, clothing, food – even high-end luxury goods. As of now, they’ve managed to become one of China’s largest e-commerce websites with over $57 billion in sales for 2016 alone! It’s estimated that at least 266 million people are shopping at right now, which shows how much potential this online retailer has as a business opportunity

Richard Liu was able to achieve success through his determination and hard work ethic throughout time; however, he still has some challenges ahead if he wants to continue building up his brand name worldwide.

One of the biggest struggles he’ll face is growing his company in terms of brand awareness when competing with other large companies like Alibaba and Tencent. Even though has become a household name within China, they still must make changes if they want to succeed internationally. Although this may be difficult for Richard Liu, we’re certain that he will continue doing all that it takes to maintain success for years to come – based upon how determined he’s been up until today.