How to Use Custom-Printed Welcome Home Banners to Greet Returning Employees

If you’re looking for unique gifts for your employers then it definitely makes sense to consider unique stamp gifts. At pickledstamps, you’re able to find the personalized logo stamps to give someone. Simply stamps is a great way to easily help you create your custom logo stamps or custom self inking return address stamp – or any stamps for that matter. A great gift for anyone who wants a unique gift that they can use anywhere. The number of vaccinated employees is rising all across the country. Hundreds of millions of adults in the country are fully vaccinated and ready to return to their respective workspaces. However, not all workspaces are ready to welcome back these employees. Installing sneeze guards, observing social distancing rules, vaccine mandates, etc., are steps that make office spaces feel safer.

But, employees don’t just want safety when they return to their offices. They also want to feel welcome. According to the American Psychological Association, 50% of adults feel anxious about returning to in-person interactions. That’s why employers must use tricks to make the returning employees feel welcome and less anxious.

That’s where custom-printed welcome home banners can be extremely helpful

The Significance of Using Banners to Welcome Employees

If all your employees have been gone for a long time, they deserve a memorable return to the office. Now that work-from-home policies have been eliminated, employees need to return to warm and motivating office spaces. A well-designed banner can instantly make a dull office space feel warm.

Smart managers print inspirational messages, attractive designs, and various other design elements to make their welcome banners look amazing. These aesthetic banners can be used inside office spaces for other occasions as well. Here are some design guidelines to create a memorable welcome banner for your employees –

Personalized Messages

Your welcome banner should be designed with the target audience in mind. The messages you print on these banners should be relevant to all members of the workforce. It should feature details, information that everyone understands. For instance, you can note the last day when everyone was in the office (probably sometime around March 2020).

Now calculate the total number of days since their last visit to the office. Custom-print this number in big, bold letters to inform returning employees that their absence was felt dearly during the pandemic.

Another example of a personalized welcome banner is one that targets new recruits. If you’ve recently hired graduates, add relevant messages to your welcome banners to make the new employees feel welcome.

Brand Logos

Ensuring that returning employees feel comfortable is a company initiative. Employees must know that the leaders of the company have instructed the installation of the welcome back banners. To let them know, add your company’s brand logo and colors to these banners. The leading sellers of welcome home banners use the latest printing tools.

They can easily print all types of high-definition artwork on these banners. Feel free to add brand logos, fonts, artwork, or even company photos to these banners.

Use Contrasting Colors

A fundamental rule of banner design is making the core design elements look as prominent as possible. That’s why designers must only use highly contrasting colors on their banners. Blended colors look appealing but are visually ambiguous.

Instead, give every design element on the banner (text, logo, graphics, etc.) solid borders. Make sure each design element has a unique color that “pops out” from the background.

A classy banner proclaiming that ‘We Missed You’ will instantly make employees feel welcome at their workplaces!