The Death of Hitler

The leader whose one single call would make an army stand up. The person who conspired abloody war just to accomplish his cruel goals.The man who was behind the Nazi belief system.The human who destroyed so many lives. The true patriot of his country, the all-time famous, Adolf Hitler, did not only lead an extremely mysterious life, but his death was pretty suspicious too.

A Brief History of Adolf Hitler’s Life

Adolf Hitler was one of a kind. He was born in Austria in 1889. He spent most of his childhood alone and all his youth as a rebellion to his father. As opposed to his family, who was against war and terror, Adolf was a fan of conflicts. His affection for Germany was partly due to his family issues, but once he started serving for the Nazi party, his rebellious behavior had transformed into pure patriotism.

In 1933, he was appointed to rule the country of Germany. He was determined to erase Jews altogether and to reciprocate the effects of World War 1. When he was selected, no one knew that he would transform the country into a war place. He was responsible for producing Nazi psychology, he changed the way people thought, and the country began to be known as a depressed state.

He had a lonely childhood and a rebellious youth, leading to a cruel adult life that most of us are aware of. He participated in many wars and even conducted some just for the sake of his peace of mind. His life was filled with terror and cruelty, and he was the most dangerous man that this land ever produced.

But there is an end to every night, and even the shiniest sun has to set at the end of the day. Similarly, the power of Adolf Hitler also went downhill when he committed suicide after declaring that he had lost World War II against the Russians and their allies.

When he died, no one could believe that he was gone. People who used to wish for his death could not come to realize that their wishes have had come true. This is why many people still believe that he hasn’t died and is hiding somewhere. Although these allegations are completely false, there are still some theories about it that might catch your attention.

If you want to learn about how the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler died, and what mystery is attached to this incident, then read along to find out.

The Downward Spiral of Hitler’s Power

After the horrible war and endless attacks, Germany was in a situation that was hard to cope with. The leader who ruled the country for years started to feel helpless and weak. Adolf, whose one call would make great leaders cry, for the very first time, felt trapped. The troops were approaching his homeland, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

He was never a fan of settling. Instead, he was a man of action. All he could do was send his army to fight back until they can. He knew that the situations were out of his hands, and no matter how much he wanted to win the battle, he was weak and alone. All of this made him do things that he would’ve never approved before.

Other than this cruel thinking, Hitler was famous for his lonely love life. And just a few days before his death, he married his mistress, who loved him with all her heart. She was a remarkable first lady and stood by his man till her last breath. When the couple was sure that they could not reverse the situations, they decided to die instead of giving up.

The Suicide Plan

After analyzing the war situations, Hitler knew that only a miracle could save him. And since he wasn’t a believer of magic or miracles, he improvised. When he announced to his people that they are going to lose, he contacted his physician and got trained for suicide. It is said that he was willing to die from suicide rather than surrendering to his opponent.

The doctor being a loyal servant, arranged cyanide tablets for the couple. He also helped Hitler to determine the weakest spot in the skull. And, after receiving the professional training, Hitler with his newly-wed wife found sanctuary in the Führerbunker. There they had every facility, and the bunker was fully equipped for the couple’s safety.

While the German army was preparing to fight for their country, their leader had given up and was fully prepared to end his life.

Before the couple consumed the tablets, they had to be sure that it was fatal. So, the couple tried it on their pet dog. When he died, they knew that they’ve got the right medicine for their freedom.

As the opposing troops kept coming closer, the couple started to get anxious. On 30 April 1945, both of them ate the cyanide tablets. And just to be sure, Adolf also shot himself in the head and died inside his sanctuary.

Theories about Hitler’s Escape

Even though Mr. and Mrs. Adolf Hitler were found dead in their bunker, people still could not believe that they committed suicide. So, they brainstormed some conspiracy theories suggesting that the couple escaped Germany and went somewhere else. Some of the famous theories about Hitler’s escape are mentioned below:

1. Escape to Argentina

Many masses believe that Hitler did not commit suicide in his bunker. Instead, he escaped to Argentina with his newly-wed wife. They suggest that the couple took a private ghost plane and settled down in Spain.

According to them, the leader did not possess any giving up traits. He was a fighter, and he could never take his life.

The believers of this theory also suggest that at first, this was a temporary situation, but when Germany lost to the Russians, Adolf had no choice but to spend the rest of his life in a foreign country.

2. Sanctuary on the Moon

Now the theory of Argentina might seem absurd because flying in between war isn’t as easy as this theory anticipates. But wait till you hear this one.

Many people also believe that the Nazi couple flew to outer space and found sanctuary on the surface of the moon. Funny right? But check this out, they strongly agree that the UFO that landed on Area 51 is the same space ship that the couple escaped in.

They suggest that Hitler made a special Nazi facility on the moon where he spent the rest of his life.

3. The Ireland Theory

Long after the death of Hitler, many people, including the intelligence services of different countries, kept producing false theories. Some of them said that Hitler had escaped to Ireland, where he changed his religion and started a new life.

According to them, Adolf had changed his way of dressing and used a feminine disguise to avoid attention and to blend in with the masses of Ireland.

In a Nutshell

Hitler initiated World War II in hopes of defeating everyone, but he somehow got stuck in his arrogant nature. In 1945, nearly every state joined hands to overtake this superpower. Adolf had no idea that this could ever happen, but soon he realized that his country would lose against the Russians and their allies.

But he was a man with the utmost attitude, thus instead of surrendering to his opponents, he took cyanide tablets and committed suicide. And just to make sure, he also shot himself on the head to ensure that he dies before Berlin gets under attack.

And just like that, the cruelest person of the planet died in his bunker with the love of his along his side. Although people couldn’t digest this news for a long time, it is still true that it was Adolf who was found dead in the Führerbunker.