Talkspace Now Accepting More Forms of Insurance

Medical insurance is a necessity that every individual must consider to avoid inconvenience. However, most people underrate the services due to commitment in time, energy, and financing. Insurance companies have raised the bar by including therapy in their policies. By extension, they cover both telehealth and other mental health services.

The process has brought clients and online therapy providers closer. Talkspace, the famous therapy company from New York with a strong customer base, advocates for medical health insurance awareness. For the last eight years, it has restored the mental health of millions of people. Therefore, it understands the meaning of telehealth insurance, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, which has affected many people’s mental health.

The beauty of having such an insurance cover is that it reduces the financial pressure associated with medication in line with the deteriorating global economy. Furthermore, the pandemic has created numerous problems related to economic and job losses. Therefore, people have experienced mental issues because of uncertainty.

Taking Awareness to the Next Level

Talking to Talkspace online therapists helps individuals maintain their mental health, hence, the importance of medical insurance. The company covers over 40 million Americans through its remarkable insurance plans. It has collaborated with Michael Phelps, the famous American swimmer, to promote awareness. According to Phelps, the online therapy company has helped him overcome mental struggles. Therefore, he urges people to embrace its services in collaboration with their employers and health insurance providers.

How Insurance Has Covered the Therapy Company

The medical firm and Qualtrics discovered that only 20% of the 60% mental health insured Americans aged 18 and 49 believe that insurance supports telehealth. Therefore, the online therapy company decided to spread the word through Michael Phelps on mental health care’s seriousness to increase the figures.

Since the pandemic has tripled mental distress, therapy companies must raise the bar in assisting the patients. Notable American insurance companies working with the global online therapy provider include Humana, Premera Blue, Optum, Cigna, and Cross Blue Shield. Additionally, most organizations, learning institutions, and employers have covered their members on the same.

Find Out Whether Your Insurance Covers the Online Therapy Company

People must think about their mental health as the world resumes economic recovery programs. Furthermore, the second wave of infection has come when everyone yearns to continue to work and school. Therefore, it’s essential to have guaranteed access to telehealth services by ensuring your insurance company is a partner with Talkspace. If not, contact the medical firm to get yourself covered.

Accessing the Medical Company through Your Insurance

The online therapy firm has witnessed a massive increase in clients since the onset of the pandemic. Clients admire the services of its licensed professional therapists and convenience. To access the company through your insurance, start by checking eligibility by entering your insurance details. Then, answer a questionnaire, choose the online therapy firm from a list, and select start therapy.

About Talkspace

Oren Frank, the CEO, established the firm in 2012. He has continued to add services on the user-friendly platform to ensure the delivery of top-notch online therapy services. He introduced insurance to enable clients to get same-day services immediately due to lack of funds. The company has revolutionized the mental health sector.