What are the Different Types of Cowboy Hats to Choose From?

The cowboy hats get used for several occasions. Are you thinking which cowboy hat is best for you? If yes, then it’s the one that best caters to your lifestyle and your requirements. The cowboy hats are highlight functional. Gone are the days when this hat used to be worn by people who resided in the West or worked on ranches. The cowboy hats can get used by various people hailing from different occupations.

Everyone can wear a cowboy hat. Hence, when searching for the ideal cowboy hat, it’s necessary to know the style, size, and type that works ideal for you. The cowboy hats will always work best when you are outdoors and have to face the scorching sun. The hats usually come with a rounded, tall crown along with a flat brim. You can customize the brim and the crown so that you can stay secured from the sun and save your face and eyes. Also, you can adjust the hat brim to bring down the bright glare that results from the sun. Today, there are many American cowboy hats to choose from.

The material types

The cowboy hats are available in types of materials, namely, leather, felt and straw. Are you searching for a durable and fashionable hat? If yes, the felt hat is best for you. The felt cowboy hats gets made using a thicker material. The hat thickness enables it to last for several years without the daily wear and tear which most hats undergo. The hat also secured you from the scorching UV rays. However, you need to remember that felt might be robust as it’s a thick material, but it doesn’t do a great job when it comes to ventilation. But if you are someone who has travel outdoors most often amidst the humid and hot weather, this is the best hat for you.

On the other hand, if you want a hat that provides better ventilation, a straw cowboy hat is your best pick. The straw hats come with gaps and that makes way for the ventilation. It allows the air to flow freely, reducing the chances of your head getting overheated. Some people find the straw hats to be slightly less comfortable in comparison with the felt hats, as its stiffer. When it comes to providing protection from the sun, the straw hats might do an average job because of the gaps in the hat.

If you are searching for ultimate protection from the sun, a leather cowboy hat is the best option. The leather hat is also waterproof. There are several leather hats that gets designed in a way that its brim can channel the rain drops away from the wearer’s face and float it at the back of the hat. Most people look upon the leather cowboy hat as a chic fashion statement. Additionally, you can wear it on any occasion.

The different types of cowboy hat

Are you new to the domain of cowboy hats? If yes, then you may not understand the immense variety that is available here. The cowboy hat comes in six major styles in different hat materials. Hence, there is something for everyone.

If you study the cowboy hat, you will know that a few versions of the cowboy hat were present since men were working in rangelands and prairies. One can say that it’s a famous American hat style since 1865. The hat was popularly called the “Boss of the Plains”, which dictates one of its styles. Also, the hat got designed by John B. Stetson, and it stand outs to amongst other hats till date. The Boss design of the hat used soft felt and possessed a high crown with no creases. Though this hat style is rare today, other six styles are available.


It is the conventional, cowboy look. The hat types blend in a low crown that comes with a curled brim. It also has three creases at the crown top.


This hat type is a favorite amongst the rodeo bull riders. The hat comes with a minimal brim curve. That aside, the hat also has a broad indentation at the top of the crown.


This hat type got showcased ample times in some of the classic western films. The hat has a large, flat brim along with a low, flat crown. The hat is usually worn in either black or white shade. It gets designed in a way that it provided ample sun protection and keeps the wearer’s head cool.


This hat type comes with a very high crown and gets marked for the three deep indentations. It also comes with a frontal slope that adds to the classic cowboy look. If you read about the old west cowboys, you will find this hat type very common with them. Usually, the old west cowboys used to take off their hat when they walked into a building. Some even tipped their hat to a woman.


There are times when people confuse the Nevada style with the Gambler hat. However, this hat offers a classy styling, and it blends a flat brim and crown. It also has a woven hatband.

Pinch front

Today, you will find that several style-conscious women choose the pinch front hat because it’s sloped. The pinch front makes the wearer’s face appear slimmer. Both the front sides of the hat’s crown have a sharp indent that creates the pinch.

Learn the manners

The cowboy hat comes with ample history. That means, it also comes with its set of etiquettes and rules. These rules are neither hard or necessary to learn. However, getting acquainted with the rules won’t hurt either. It will only equip you better about the hat. For instance, if you are wearing the hat at a formal event or a prestigious ceremony, you can stick to the rules and not be a social embarrassment.

Today, online hatmakers have come up with several types of cowboy hat. You can search online, find the one that caters to your budget and style preference, and choose the best one for yourself.