What is an AI Content Generator and How Does it Work?

These days, you need high-quality content if your online business is to thrive in the modern market, and a lot of it! Unfortunately, punching up top-tier blog posts, guides, and product review articles takes a ton of time and effort. You probably don’t have the energy or hours in the day needed to make all that content and ensure it’s properly search engine optimized.

The solution? AI content generators. In fact, an AI content generator can help you fill in the content gaps your site currently faces, plus provide other advantages.

Not sure what AI content generators are or how they work? You’ve come to the right place!

AI Content Generators Explained

In a nutshell, AI content generators are effective software tools powered by machine learning. As their name suggests, AI content generators make content like blog posts, “listicles”, guides, and much more – all with the power of artificial intelligence!

More importantly, AI content generators make content that can be accurately and efficiently indexed by search engine crawlers. In this way, you can guarantee that your website’s content is found, categorized, and posted at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).

AI content generators are the future-focused replacements for standard copywriters. While you might still want some content drafted by humans, the bulk of your content can likely be produced by an AI content generator starting today.

How Do AI Content Generators Make Content So Fast?

It’s all thanks to search engine indexing and “spinner” software.

Put simply, AI content generators first look for articles that include keywords similar to those you feed them. For example, if you want your AI content generator to draft an article on the recent economic downturn, you’d likely feed it keywords like:

  • Economy downturn
  • Recession
  • 2022 economic outlook
  • And so on

Once it receives the right keywords, your AI content generator will then locate articles that use those keywords, analyze them, then take in SEO or search engine optimized sentences.

How does an AI content generator avoid plagiarism or pass tools like Copyscape? Spinner software looks at all the words within a relevant article, replaces most of the words with synonyms, and switches up some of the text with machine learning-powered algorithms.

The results? A similar and SEO-effective article for your needs, based on the articles already on the Internet.

Because AI content generators derive their content from high-ranking pages, you can rest assured that the content they put out will be effective, converting, and optimized for searchers on engines like Google and Bing.

Of course, different tools operate with different algorithms or principles. No two AI content generators average exactly alike. So it’s a good idea to find the best AI content generator for your needs, like Article Forge.

Are AI Content Generators Ideal for All Content Creation?

While AI content generators can certainly be effective in the right circumstances, you shouldn’t rely on them for 100% of your content creation needs.

Even with modern technology and machine learning algorithms, AI content generators still lack the “human touch” in many cases. Since their articles are made with algorithms and code instead of human context or emotion, many content generator-produced articles can feel flat, to the point, or lacking in character. You’d be hard-pressed to find a stellar content generator-made article with a sentence like this, for instance!

With that in mind, you should consider AI content generators to be effective tools for your company, but not replacements for copywriters or marketers outright. In fact, you might still want to use copywriters or marketers for:

  • Special pieces of content intended to convert lots of people at once
  • Special blog or website copy that really needs to shine or sparkle
  • Unique or difficult-to-emulate pieces, or blog posts that don’t have a lot of similar articles already on the web for your content generator to use

When to Use an AI Content Generator

Even with its limitations, an AI content generator can be a great tool to use in a variety of circumstances, such as:

  • When you need to produce a lot of content to fill up your website fast
  • When you need to produce several competitive blog posts or other pages to compete with other companies in your niche
  • When you need to ensure that your basic blog posts rank highly on search engine results pages and that they contain specific keywords
  • When you want to test for certain keywords on your target audience by producing a few basic pages with those keywords laced throughout

Will AI Content Generators Continue to Thrive?

Ultimately, AI content generators will become more important as the years go on. Odds are they will continue to replace most human-written online content as the years pass. Who knows? In the future, AI content generators might replace human copywriters entirely!