David Meade and His Predictions

Conspiracy theories are always hard to prove. One such individual by the name of David Meade is known to make predictions and present conspiracy theories regarding doomsday and Nibru destroying the earth in the spring of 2018. He had penned down a book called Planet X-The 2017 Arrival in which he states that Nibiru would be colliding with the earth in October of 2018.

However, no date was given. Meade’s theory was given a bit of a boost when NASA discovered a new planet in the solar system, which was named Planet Nine. A strong Christian by faith, Meade derives his predictions from the Bible passage Isaiah. Although the majority of his predictions have failed, it has brought him much attention of the world. Let us take a look into David Meade’s most popular predictions and what became of them.

Predictions of October 2017

David Meade initially stepped into the spotlight when he came up with the prediction that Nibiru would collide with the earth on September 23, 2017. Meade had originally predicted that it would collide in October. However, later moved it to September. On September 21, Meade had stated that he had seen Nibiru and others would witness its signs as well. Soon after his prediction, Meade changed his mind and stated that Nibiru would not be colliding with the earth.

Then, Meade jumped back into the spotlight once again stating that the apocalypse would take place in October. This time he had new predictions for the month such as the sun being eclipsed by Nibiru on October 5 and that people several people including Donald Trump and Mike Pence would levitate into the sky following a nuclear attack by Russia, North Korea, and China. He went on to make further predictions as well such as 9.8 magnitude earthquakes, the Earth’s pole shifting by 30 degrees, and even the U.S splitting in half. According to him, Barack Obama would again be selected illegally for the third term. With people waiting for signs, Meade’s predictions proved to be nothing but failure.

Predictions of 2018

In 2018, Meade was interviewed by YouTube pastor Paul Begley, where he predicted that North Korea would become the world superpower in March 2018 and the earth would be destroyed by Nibiru in spring. On February 15, 2018, the International Business Times published an article that featured Meade’s prediction about the apocalypse beginning in March 2018, however, he did not provide a date.

He further went on to explain that important events of 2018 such as the super blue blood moon eclipse, Israel’s celebration of its 70th independence year, and the 2018 winter Olympics, all were signs of the apocalypse. Meade was noted to have called several United Nations officers ‘crazy people’ after the United States had decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Meade then moved the apocalypse prediction from March to April 23, 2018, and stated that the Sun, Moon, Virgo, and Jupiter will initiate the rapture. This would be the same day when Nibiru would destroy the earth. Meade was not the first one to make predictions regarding doomsday. Before him, another preacher by the name of William Miller had predicted the end of the world on 23 April.

Then, on April 19, Meade stated that the news about his doomsday prediction was ‘fake’ and that only the rapture will occur, not doomsday. It has been two years since Meade’s doomsday predictions and today it is labeled as one the latest ‘kooky’ calls in recent years.

Does Planet X exist?

Many people are of the view that Planet X does exist and is real, similar to what David Meade believes. It is a planet that is yet to be identified but is moving towards the earth. NASA has also stepped forward with their statement saying that it is highly probable that another planet may exist in our solar system but it could not be said for sure.

The Planet Nine is estimated and said to have ten times more mass as compared to Earth. Therefore, in case of a collision, it is evident that the earth would be destroyed. The bottom line is that the Christian conspiracy theories do not coincide with what NASA states, particularly regarding the apocalypse. According to them, it is simply non-sense and unlikely to take place anytime soon.

David Meade’s Calculations

The Washington Post was informed by Meade that his September 23, 2017 prediction was based on the Bible’s numeric codes. Furthermore, his predictions were also based on coded messages found in Egyptian Giza pyramids. Meade explained that his September 23 prediction was based on 33, which was a significant number due to the fact that Jesus lived for 33 years and that Elohim was mentioned 33 times in the bible.

If enough predictions weren’t made already, Meade predicted that events like Hurricane Harvey, the solar eclipse of 21 August 2017, and Hurricane Irma along with the Mexican earthquakes were signs that Nibiru would be observed on 23 September based on Luke, which happens to be a Bible chapter verse.


David Meade and his predictions have brought extreme criticism to his doorstep. Fellow Christians like Ed Stetzer has turned down Meade’s predictions and is noted to have said ‘there is no such thing as a Christian numerologist’. Furthermore, he describes David Meade as a ‘made-up expert’ of a ‘made-up field’ discussing ‘made-up events.

President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Albert Mohler states that ‘Christians are not responsible for settling dates and cannot anticipate events’. He further stated that Meade’s predictions would bring embarrassment to Biblical Christians. Not only that, but Meade’s book Planet X-The 2017 Arrival also received a lot of criticism as well and was considered heavily plagiarized work.

Final Word

One way or the other, David Meade’s famous predictions were nothing but hype. Even though science has made tremendous success over the years but it still cannot prove the happening of certain events, particularly doomsday and Nibiru. Furthermore, considering Meade’s calculations, the predictions were destined to fail, as there was nothing solid to support them. Therefore, if there was any event that could be predicted, both science and NASA would know of it first.  So what else to do?  Go and relax with great sites like https://s-bobet.com and have a little fun and not worry!