What Happened to David Meade?

David Meade is a conspiracy theorist and author who became famous for predicting that a strange planet called Nibiru or Planet X will cause the destruction of Planet Earth in 2017. However, his predictions were proven to be false when 2017 passed, and the end of the world did not happen. Meade tried to revise his predictions by saying that “The Rapture” will actually happen in 2018, but once again, doomsday was nowhere to be found. So, what happened to David Meade after his prediction in 2018? Let us find out as we take a look at the background and current whereabouts of David Meade.

Who is David Meade?

While he is known as David Meade, the conspiracy theorist actually uses a pen name and refuses to use or reveal his real name for unknown reasons. Because “David Meade” is a pen name, no one can actually get records on where he is from and his current whereabouts. However, Meade did provide a little bit of information about his early life before becoming a conspiracy theorist.

According to Meade, he was raised as a Catholic and studied astronomy and other subjects at the University of Louisville at the state of Kentucky in the United States. In addition, Meade claims that he earned a master’s degree in statistics, although he did not say where he earned the degree. In his personal website that is now renamed, he stated that he once worked for the federal government. In his deleted Google Plus page, Meade also claims to have worked as an investigative journalist and has written various reports about the anomalies behind the Fortune 1000 organizations.

In an interview for The Washington Post in September 2017, Meade reiterated that he studied astronomy in a university somewhere in Kentucky, but he refused to reveal the campus. When asked about the reports that he did as an investigative journalist, he also refused to answer questions that are specifically pertaining to the Fortune 1000 organizations. Furthermore, when he was asked where he lives, Meade just stated that he lives in “the heart of a major disaster zone.”

a cluster of stars

David Meade’s Predictions

Meade started appearing in various news networks when he predicted that a mysterious planet called Nibiru would appear near Earth and cause its destruction on September 23, 2017. The theorist first predicted that the world would end in October, but he later revised his prediction and stated that it would happen in September.

On September 21, two days before his predicted doomsday, he was interviewed by American commentator Glenn Beck and was quoted in saying that he could already see Nibiru from his house. After September 23 passed and nothing happened, Meade revised his prediction again and said that the world would end on October 5. Adding to his predicted date for doomsday, Meade said that some important people on Earth (like Donald Trump) will levitate into the sky and that a nuclear attack by China, Russia, and North Korea will be aimed towards the United States. In addition, Meade stated there would be massive earthquakes that will signal the end of all living beings on Earth.

When October 2017 passed, David Meade went into hiding until 2018, when he stated another doomsday prediction when he was interview by YouTube pastor Paul Begley. Included in his 2018 prediction is North Korea being a superpower country in March 2018 and Nibiru appearing near Earth in the spring season. When asked about the signs that lead to the end of the world in 2018, David Meade said that the super blood moon eclipse in January 2018, Israel’s celebration of 70 years of independence, and the 2018 Winter Olympics were the signs of the apocalypse.

Meade first predicted that the end of the world would happen in March 2018, but he later changed it to April 23 after March passed. Four days before April 23, he said in an interview that reports saying that he predicted the end of the world on April were “fake news,” and stated that he actually said that the beginning of The Rapture, and not the end of the world, will occur between May and December of the same year. According to Meade, the world will not end immediately, but starting in 2018, the Earth will experience seven years of tribulation or suffering, and after 1000 years of peace, the end of the world will then happen. After stating this prediction, David Meade went into hiding once again.

Where is David Meade Now?

As of 2020, no one knows where David Meade is, and because he was using a pen name when he published and stated his predictions, it has become difficult to track his location. His personal website, which was once named “Planet X – Project Omega,” was renamed as “Writers Web Services” and is currently owned by a different company.

Because his most recent prediction was open-ended, as he stated that the end of the world would only happen after 1000 years of peace, it is currently hard to say if his prediction is correct. David Meade may appear once again on the news in the future, but until then, his whereabouts will remain unknown as long as no one knows his real name and address.