How a Kindle Is Better Than a Paper Book

Everything is digital now, including books. You can have a library of books in the palm of your hand with an e-reader like Kindle. However, many book lovers still prefer the traditional paper option because they value the tactile sensation of a bound paper book. With a paper book, you can admire the book’s design, feel it, smell it, and mark it. Avid readers prefer reading paper books because it feels more personal, and it offers fewer distractions than a smartphone or an e-book reader.

However, we cannot deny the convenience of a Kindle book. Both have benefits, but here are some ways how a kindle is better than a paper book:

Kindles can hold thousands of books at a time

Amazon’s Kindle reader can hold thousands of books at a time in one place. If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, you can have access to more than two million titles and thousands of audiobooks. With Kindle, you can navigate a curated list of thousands of genres and authors, making your journey feel endless. You can explore lots of genres and authors while lying in your bed, unlike with physical books and libraries where you have to roam around the place to find a book. You can also try checking out the most popular Kindle books of all time if you are looking for new book suggestions.

It’s clutter-free

Bookshelves at home are pretty great to look at, and it’s a treasure trove for book lovers. But if you love reading books a lot, your shelves would probably be overflowing in just a few years. Plus, you probably have a pile of books you are reading on your nightstand or on your coffee table. With a Kindle, you can keep your bookshelf looking as good as it is and prevent having a pile of books everywhere.

It’s convenient and easily accessible

With a Kindle, books are easily accessible. Within seconds to a few minutes, you can download the book you want with minimal hassle. Whether you’re relaxing in the bath, lying on your couch, or traveling on the train, you can access new titles without having to go to a store. And if someone recommends you a book title, you can download it right away – no need to check out a book and wait for it to get delivered.

It offers more selection of books

Yes, you can browse thousands of books on your Kindle, but do you know there are far more Kindle e-books published than traditionally published paper books? This is true for niche topics that appeal to a narrow audience and for tech-related books that need to stay updated as much as possible. Furthermore, new books are often available on Kindle a few weeks or months before they hit the bookstores.

It’s great for traveling

Kindle weighs less and is smaller than a regular paperback. With a Kindle, you don’t need to carry a book or a couple of them where you’re going just to pass your time. It’s a great way to save up on space and allow you to store thousands of books on your e-reader. So when you’re traveling, you can free up more luggage space without leaving any books behind. You can also put it in your coat pocket to easily gain access to it while on a holiday while you’re waiting at airports and stations. This is quicker and more convenient than going through your luggage to find the book you feel like reading.

If you’re a fast reader, a Kindle is a better option, so you can read several books along the way without having to lug in too many books.

It’s great for reading at night

Some people love reading in bed at night before sleep, but the bedside lamp can bother their partners or anyone whom they share the room with. With Kindle, you can read to your heart’s content without annoying or bothering those who would want to sleep.

Kindle’s front light is different from a phone, laptop, or TV screen – it gives a soft, white light that doesn’t keep you awake unnaturally and doesn’t disrupt your sleep schedule. Depending on the model you choose, your Kindle may or may not include a lighted or a back-lit screen. Cheaper Kindles don’t have a light, but there’s a nice case you can buy that has a light powered by the Kindle’s battery.

It’s easy on the eyes

High levels of screen luminance from an electronic device can cause eye strain. Kindle’s creators know that well, so they created e-book readers with anti-glare screens. Also, the fonts can be adjusted and enlarged, easing the strain on your eyes and making it more comfortable to read from the screen. It makes the device friendly for the elderly who have vision problems or those who don’t usually like staring at screens.

It offers a more in-depth learning experience

If you’re looking for a device for reading without distractions, Kindle is the way to go. Unlike reading with your smartphone or tablet, you won’t be receiving notifications or calls while you read, keeping you focused on the page. Also, it has some features that can enhance the reading experience that you won’t find on paper books. You can look up definitions of the words on your Kindle, translate words, and learn more about the book using Kindle’s X-Ray feature. Though it isn’t available with every book, this free addition can give you more insight into the book’s characters, setting, and events.

It can be cheaper

Every day, there are hundreds of free books made available on Kindle. Since Amazon only allows most of the books to be free for a few days, the list of free books changes constantly. While all the free options can keep you busy for years to come, also note that paid books are usually at least a few dollars cheaper than their paper versions. The little difference can add up to a lot of savings over time, especially if you buy many books regularly.

It’s more environment-friendly

Compared to producing paperbacks, Kindles can be seen to have a better environmental impact. It avoids chopping down more trees to create paper. And though electricity as its primary power source, its battery life is long, so it doesn’t have to be charged as much.